More lube...change is coming

Mimi naona hii stori ya huduma ikitumiwa kunab tax cheaters especially low income earners…kina mama mbogas…especially wale wako ushago…inaweza leta BIG changes to political maturity…right now ukienda ushago they dont give a fucck who becomes the president…hao tu wanangoja tribal lord…ama wazee vile wataamua
Lakini wakianza kulipa ushuru…they will feel it to the bone marrow…hakutakuwa na stori ya liwe liwalo ama upuss ya ukabila…everyone will feel where it hurts most…the pockets

True true…uhuru ongeza lube

By the way , how will the stupid gava know how much a mama mboga earns ndio wa tax…


Physical address…personal number…safaricom…kra will counter check mpesa records

Kwanza shineyes ndio wanafaa kuwa shafted with dry maize cob, ndipo watajua the lord is the Shepard. Wawache upuzi ya kumira.

KRA already have this information, if you are on itax.

Low income earners will continue dodging taxes because they deal with cash. Mama mboga can easily say she sold nothing for a whole month.
One of my sisters bakes cakes on order from her home. Cash only. She will never pay taxes other than the VAT she pays when she buys the supplies.

What the fuck is this? [SIZE=4]Ati due to wastage and corruption kenyans shud dig deeper into their pockets to fund the govt[/SIZE]. Just a vicious cycle.

If you think thats all.

Na vile watu walikuwa wanakimbilia hiyo huduma namba ni kama watakufa wasipokuwa nayo…mi sikuichukua na sichukui liwe liwalo


Have been to Kiambu lately? Politics huko ni Moto Moto

Hii huduma namba ni kitu mbaya Sana.

Huduma number main objective was biometrics, actually initially the main point was that the fingerprint could easily be matched after crime or other major incidents.

KRA has all that info, the major issue in collecting tax from the informal sector is the cost of doing that, it might a scenario of going after mama mbogas 10k tax and end up using 20k to get that.

Watu walipe tax waache ujinga bana. The country cannot develop without tax payment by citizens!

The same mysterious ways used to compute advance tax on commercial vehicles.

It will be very hard. Imagine a mama mboga deep in upcountry huko Chuka alafu yeye anadeal na cash at hand…huyo kulipa tax ni ngumu sana…