More Kenyans Becoming Homeless as Economy Bites

When standard of living goes up those who are on the fringes of society,those below the poverty line become dispossessed. In Kibra I believe you can get a house for as little as 700 bob rent, now as cost of living goes back even that house of 700 may not be affordable for some families. Anyway, Tano Tena.China Iendelee as Kenyan families live like animals,eating from dumpsters and living in abandoned cars. God help Kenya.

Leta bundles makena.

What is the relationship between Kenyan homelessness and Chinese Economy? This peasant and pedestrian economic analysis is caused by frustration. Whatever China has done in Kenya is try to improve ability of people to develop. For homelessness, blame your leaders.

Most Kenyans have a shags they can always fall back to when things get really tough but of course there are those born and raised in the slums and can’t imagine living in the village despite the fact that their living situation would be better there.

Cliff notes sina time

Excuses excuses umewai skia vile some people in the slum hupenda kusema tu vile wakonna mashida … f them

Si cost of living has gone up due to taxation to pay madeni ya China esp the white elephant called SGR. Which leader exactly should we blame. Kama you must decide if you will eat or pay rent bcz kila kitu imepanda bei esp kerosene ya kupika. I think the lack of understanding on how seriously a small price hike affects low income pple is what is pedestrian. Because majority of the population lives below the poverty line of a dollar a day. I think you who is not a pedestrian needs to do for us pedestrian thinkers a simple flow chart of exactly how Kenya has improved the ability of people to develop when they are even killing the road cargo transport business? Government competing with its citizenry for business. China has done nothing for Kenya, we will pay for it ALL and then some. Pedestrian ni ww.