More Hustler Shareholder Lies 03

We will keep posting them so that we can remind him later … :joy: :blush:

I pity those idiots clapping.

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Morning news huko bomet hio mbwa ikitetea oil deal niliona mbwa mwenzake kina sakaja wakiclap. Eti Mr Lootall we are succeeding in the plan. Unashangaa which plan ? But we ktalk mafia know the plan . The plan is simple , to loot the country like nonsense selling hot air and like other stupid African leadership they vacate to Europe. Thanks to god’s Europe is plugging into chaos hence tuko na wao hapa . Incase the country becomes failed state tutawatomba Sawa sawa

Hao wa makofi wanakuanga wamelipwa wakuje kupiga makofi.

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Typical “Muchere Na Nyama” Tugeges similar to some found in here …

It is amazing how some fools spend their precious time listening to Hustler Shareholder Conmen nonsense speeches and clapping after every sentence…

NGOMBE Kabisa …:rage::fire:

It’s time to go …!!

What a face! Imagine turning a corner at 7pm huko River Road and bumping into such a face.