More Gender Violence

I’m just speechless …:astonished::scream:

He should be arrested.

Hivi ndiyo nitafanyia @TrumanCapote Na @KuwaitBabe


Hii takataka bado inatembea? The shop must have a pair of tailoring scissors to open his belly with, the idiot.

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Real men don’t hit women!!!


Impunity is more or less endemic in this Nation…
Let’s see what action will be taken by the Law …
Ngombe Kabisa …

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Those who spectate and cheer on these attacks are equally guilty …

Zero tolerance on any violence. .:rage:

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Utashangaa kapondie ni black belt na kuwaitbabe ni powerlifting champion. Watakuwekelea nyahunyo za mkiya hata jambazi sugu kama wewe utakimbilia kureport kwa polisi.

Remember these guys?

Feminist movement will be the death of us. In most cases that are said to be Gender Based Violence, to me it appears to be just violence.