More Fake Money: from foreigners (This is Guka is right)

A Nigerian arrested with fake USD251,000 in South B. Claims he is a script writer and it was to be used in a movie.

good work @pamba

Script writer na sofa imechapa hivo? As guka says Kenya is a heaven to other sh**holes within the continent

Jowie anapeana kila mtu wa wash wash bana

Open border policy ya gatheca itatuletea shida nyingi sana.

gojea kesho tujue ako na maslay kwin wangapi

habari ndio hii
usiseme MMNN haikukuambia

It can only work if you have a very vigorous law enforecement capacity e.g. US & Canada for example. Their law enforcement agencies share data. So if you have a criminal record in either country kuingia ni shida.

These Naija brodahs need to be thoroughly vetted before being allowed into the country.

The ones with a birrion were from Mali

Kwanza visa on arrival for some nationalities shouldn’t be allowed.

This must be the tip of the iceberg can you imagine how much fake currency has entered the country undetected?
We need to reintroduce visas ASAP!!


I posted something in the morning about how Asian countries like Indonesia inawafungia njia ya kuingia nchi zao. They have done enough damage in those Asian countries sasa wamekuja kunia Kenya. S. Africa pia inawawekea ngumu off late.

Ndio hio!

I don’t see this as problem. At least not yet.

the fake cash even has UNAID stamp. unajua hii pesa huwanga ya UN or so the story goes when they land a victim!

It is a problem, there are several criminal incidents involving foreigners. It’s just that some victims choose not to report.

three phones na modem mahali, mukora

hawa maumbwa wa naija wanafaa wawekwe wote kwa ndege moja warudishwe kwao then immigration dep waweke strict laws against Nigerians specifically

Open borders has lots of positive potential. We can’t let a few bad apples convince us to do away with the concept. Aren’t we the same people who complain that colonialists came here, destabilized us, drew borders on the map and then went back?