More encouragement for Azimio Patriots

I can see that hustler has said that by next week he will be working on lowering prices of Unga, fertilizer and fuel. I don’t know what to make of this but let’s wait and see.

I have seen someone talking about Azimio diehards focusing on themselves and their families. I don’t know what kind of advice is this because we clearly can’t go live in a bubble where poor governance will not affect us. That is the truth. Kenya is an ecosystem and so you can not isolate yourself and your family from what is happening. Essentially you want us to become like the majority of Kenyans who took your advice and won’t even be bothered to go to a polling station to vote.

Our anguish is because we love our country and we don’t want it going to the dogs. It’s not about Raila bcz we are not Luos neither are we in anyway close to him. We just liked him bcz of what he stood for.

All I can say is that we just pray for our country coz I don’t think we can take much more. Many Kenyans have given up on voting as they do not feel that they are part and parcel of this country. Others are even talking about cessation. Youths have given up on the court system and are now talking about bearing arms.

We are not in a good place and we can’t live in denial. We can only pray for God to help us. It’s hard but we have no options. Let’s just pray for God to intervene in our situation.

If People like you vote less and less, we shall have better leaders in future

Keep your eye on this fellow …


He is the only politician who knows WHERE he is going and HOW he will get there …

And he will be a very Vocal Champion in defense of the Citizen …

He also has a Clean Pair of Hands in case you are looking for someone to trust … :D:D:D