More drama from Will Smith's family


Wapi TBT mdau?

Inamuok in a few. Niko shughuli za kukagua magorofa zangu SAA hii wacha nimalizane na my agents na caretakers.

Heh ati village commissioner

Siwes mind, mali swafi 1gb

Sawa mbirrionaire

Chifu ni dynasty

Biden’s America.

polyamory ndiye mnyama gani wakubwa?

Monogamy is not natural, being in a long term relationship with only one person does not sound right kabisa.

Hii hata ni kitu ya kuambia dunia?

ni kama polyandry - mwanamuke mumoja getting her hair and other things …whipped back and forth by …several other people who are doing likewise to other people within the same circles.

If you can imagine a loud, decadent …drunken… drug filled orgy setting on a barge anchored just outside Memphis whose motions mimics those of the Nile’s incoming tide… then you are close to imagining polyamory.

Being in sexual relationship with many partners at the same time

Give me a pass to your wife/girlfriend. Mimi nitakua nampa my big penis while you provide for her needs. Deal?

Keep it simple. Is it bdsm+ sex orgy?


But there can be nothing simple about polyamory - hence the confused prose.

Nanii, nyonga na kimbo pole pole

Kumbe ni umaraya imeomoka tu haha these cool kids tho

Will Smith anafaa atupe hii family aanze upya. Atafutiwe a nice African girl from Lake Florence or Accra Ghana afungue ukurasa mpya. He married the devil himself.

My big penis doesn’t have a problem finding its way into moistened bints.