More bad news in Kirinyaga - 4-year-old girl raped then murdered

Police in Kirinyaga have arrested a 38-year old man suspected of defiling and murdering a minor in cold blood at Kimunye village Kirinyaga county.

Peter Muchiri is suspected to have kidnapped the four-year-old girl on Monday this week when the young girl was on her way home from school.

The Minor’s lifeless body was discovered Wednesday, August 11 dumped at a tea farm in Mugumo area, three days after the child went missing.

Confirming the incident, Kirinyaga East Deputy County Commander said police were tipped off about the suspect when they were condoling with the late child family at their home.

“As the security committee, we went to condole with the family at Kimunye, and that is when we were tipped off about the suspect. We dispatched our officers who nabbed the suspect and he is being held at Kianyaga police station to assist our officers in further investigations,” Nyaanga said.

According to the young girl’s mother, Pauline Kimani, her daughter was kidnapped Monday at around 4pm by a drunk man.

“My daughter did not make it home and, when I enquired from her friends, they said that she was taken by a drunk man,” Kimani told K24 Digital as tears flowed down her cheeks.

@ChifuMbitika would never highlight such horrible news

Oh my these people,!
Lord have mercy on the kikuyus

Kikuyu society went to sh*t after the missionaries mentally f ked that society and gave them Jesus , took their land and killed their traditions…

Kimunye is a cold place, these are the people whose destiny is a rusty guillotine…if indeed he is guilty.

Kikuyus never cease to shock us with their beastly, nefarious and egregious acts. A very cursed tribe indeed:D:D

Kuna vitu zingine walai … kaa hii stori sasa,heri hata singesoma juu huwa inanishikisha nare design ingine wazimu. Nilikuwa nimekaa chini chilling while indulging in my choice of high, nimejipata kitchen nimefunguwa fridge ndo na shindwa ni nini natafuta. Within that short distance and period I came up with a thousand plots and ways vile hii ghasiaa naweza maliza.Maybe it’s cause my daughter is the same age that’s why I find it quite disturbing.Kama hii saitan inaweza fanya bhangi yangu inachemuke kiasi hii. Siwezi taka ku imagine what the Parents must be going thru. She didn’t even get a chance in this life … this life is truly fucked up

What’s up with y’all patronizing a community. Could have happen anywhere to anybody’s kid …and it’s an isolated individual act. Twisting it to fit a particular narrative and the show of apathy is quite remorseless n despicable. Damn banae … I thought show of tolerance and respect of victims particularly in a case involving a child is a individual’s obligation. Maybe I’m missing something but a innocent kid has been raped and robbed of her life, can u imagine her confusion during those last moments. At Mimi kaa Pokot I find those comments insensitive na sioni what’s got to do with being a Kikuyu. Or what’s going on here

Some people truly loathe the Agikuyu and everything they see is through sh’t colored glasses, there’s even a smiley face on such a horrific post.
I hope they give that creep a life sentence

Yaani baada ya kill streak ya waluhya bado watu wanabweka juu ya wakikuyu? Next mambo yakienda coast ama ukambani ati hao watu wa majini.

this is settling scores, the child was the victim but the target mostl likely was one or both parents. its cowardly, savage and kikuyu. The perpetrator, waangalie a former worker who is claiming unpaid 50 shillings or a relative who was called poor hadharani.

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