morataz miss fire

yes assnal had chances some but did you see morataz one on one with theshitty keeper and he missed twice and the other he just shot the ball direct to him like here take it


hope you knw morata is not a goal keeper of a defender soooooo the score would still remain the same cause he gave zero assist to any of the goals

If you think arsenal were to win that game you might need an intervention .

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what do you mean Xhaka is a holding midfielder , the defence is simply stupid kwanza Chambers na Bellerin .

what the phuck are you talking about we , Arsenal , were the better team had more shots on target with 60% ball possession , infact we were the ones who lost points .

am talking about morata what the fuck assnel did does not matter to me mortar ,missed goof scoring chance and I hate his Spanish guts

chelsea lost a match winner in Diego Costa.
that is one decision Conte will come to rue.
assnal used to concede 2 goals just by hearing the ferker is on the team sheet


when a player behaves as if he is bigger than the coach na ikuwe entertained there will be no discipline in the team and you know discipline is everything , thats why uliona fergie did not entertain nonsense from big names - Beckham , Ronaldo , he put Rooney in his place and the team prospered .


Xhaka is not a holding mid, and many times he leaves the defence exposed.

Ronaldo was in good terms with Fergie when he left for Real, watu alikosana nao ni kama Jaap Stam na Roy Keane mpaka wa leo hawabongi.

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but you know without wilshire in the team when you play Xhaka and coq there is no creativity ball inakufia mid .

Xhaka aume bench Elneny apewe chance but naona Maitland Niles defensive mid ndio position yake poa. EPL kucheza bila defensive mid ni risky sana.

niles akule sembe kwanza , Xhaka atleast hu inspire team na mabao za nduki tukiwa desperate .

Arsenal 16 shots 6 on target .Chelsea 19 shots six on target .Man of the match was Eden hazard .How again was arsenal the best team…?

Amekuwa Alvaro Mohata.

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shots off target are not admissible i agree we both had six shoots on target but unless ulisomea kajinga high school the team with 60% ball possession (which you have mischievously avoided ) was the better team

he will tell u…i vill not accept le resistàncé