morataz miss fire

sooo its morning and am sleepy as fuck and angry y you may ask it cause of the game last night 2-2 yes you heard me 2-2 assnal drew with chelshit how? still puzzles me morata had 3 clean chances to make a huge gap off a score bt nooooo the mother fucker had to cat walk to the goal
the game was tight assnal attacked bt when this shitty chelshit attacked they hit had bt the finisher (morata) did shit he stood there and did nothing am supper pissed at him oooh man
what would I do to have diego costa back mseee the ninja scored even on impossible angles he knows how to get under assnal defenders skin get them wild up and red cards fly like diamonds sperm all over bitches


I feel your pain. those were three points to just collect but for…


Mhindi amekukamua ngapi??

Usijali world cup inaanza this year

That game would have ended with chelsea having more than five goals .

That game would have ended with chelsea having more than five goals .But with the likes of Bakayoko and morata we had to take a point .

Arsenal imeoa chelshit nowadays…when was the last time Chelsea beat Arsenal btw?

Still two more games with Chelsea this month.

and as an assnal fan i know we’re gonna lose both

Rent yote ya bedsitter

Morata inakaa yeye huwanga anahata kuma akipewa…kumbaffu sana!!!

Defence iko chini sana, I don’t understand why and how Wenger wants the team to play without a holding midfielder.

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yes jooo


nime-resist kuwatch games till that clueless old french cunt fcuks off.


Na hakuna mahali anaenda uta-do?

nitaendelea kuresist. pia mugabe alienda, eventually.
the guy could have gone in a cloud of considerable glory after the FA cup win but i see this ending like the French revolution.


His contract is supposed to end in 2019 but those fuckers might give him an extension. The club should rid itself of Kroenke, Keswick and Gazidis.


kama ni wewe ungekua morata chelsea ingepigwa tano

You got to give credit where it’s due. kama uliwqtch game you know arsenal were no push overs. they had some decent chances thanks to Courtois and the woodwork. Manu U fan.