Moral/Ethical Dillemmas: Is the Death Penalty/Capital Punishment Ever Moral?Do Mandatory Minimums work as a deterrent?

Umetokelesea after MIA for a few days. Funny that after seeing this I realise that I missed you…

It is written, “An eye for an eye”. If you kill, you must surely die. Fair and square. However, I think death penalty for someone who did not commit a similar offence is extreme.

The holidays are here so you can expect more and more of the MIA, last week I lost a collegue at work too and we were busy with funeral arrangements and everything , we laid him to rest and his family was really touched by our support even the CEO attended the funeral yet it was out of town and the guy was a handy man who did repairs. That guy made me realise that its not your position that endears people to you but you as a person and how you interacted with people during your lifetime. Its been a sad year, lost 2 collegues this year.