Moon landing hoax


Sharrrap!!!,the earth is flat:D:D:D

JWST continues to shatter the myth concerning the Big Bang theory

If you are referring to the Artemis 1, it has a capacity of 4 crew members.

bwana chifu I thought you educated enough to do research, unaniangusha

Yes it was a hoax, its in the past, now lets move on…

Let’s agree that Artemis might finally achieve the dream of landing men on Lunar surface but the earlier ‘trips’ were mere hoax.

I like to believe that the Americans made it to the moon, but the fact that no one has stepped foot on it for almost 3 decades now is suspect. They say if you have a telescope powerful enough to observe the lunar surface then you can prove whether they really did go or not.
What could fuel your above claim is a simple question: why build a more expensive and powerful rocket to do the same thing? get it?

No hurry man’s have ever landed in the moon as of today

Apollo was a LIE

Hii kitu niliona jana but was just wondering how the Alien was sure about it. How will they sure Earth that they landed on the moon? Anyway, what are the evidence of the previous landing? Maybe Annunaki are coming back to wipe the current species


There’s prior evidence of UFO sightings. Even the USA government owned up about the evidence two years ago

My point Exactly. Why has noone ever gone back…?!

Ile flag armstrong alidunga huko. Hakuna hata thermal yake imepigwa tena ever since?

Hiyo story ya moon landing iko nusu.

Apparently according to NASA, we no longer have the technology or craftsmanship. They destroyed it. The Apollo Program was to the tune of $156 billion; the greatest feat in human history even to date. Which government would get rid of the sheer power having that knowledge would yield? Ha!

Kiyana, hii video haiwezi pingwa.

Haigwesi! One of the most thorough documentaries on the subject that I’ve come ever come across.


Americunts were in a hurry to beat the 1960s decade deadline and the USSR was far much ahead of them on matters space so they faked the whole thing