moon landing hoax

A lot of theories put forth by Sci Fi movies are slowly becoming a reality right in front of us.

Like which one?

Kuna rovers which do a better job

Maze the Kardashev scale fascinates me like a kid in a toy store. I try to imagine how those civilisations will look like narukwa na kichwa.
That I won’t be around to witness man do things unimaginable now makes me sad

Hehe. I think everyone who comes across the Kardashev scale feels this way. You wish you were not born. Imagine, in a few hundred years, people will be uploading their conscience into a computer and living forever.

Hio scale is outdated in my opinion.

Mambo ya dyson sphere etc is nonsence

An advanced civilazation is much more likely to be able to very precisely harness the process which drives the sun itself rather than harness energy from a sun… I.e they will be able to either split or fuse atoms for power in very precise ways and not build hizi spheres around suns.

Fusion…very true. There is not enough material in our solar system to make a Dyson Sphere to completely cover the sun anyway.

Kabisa MTU wangu

shot by Stanley Kubrick

The Russian government avoided further direct confrontation with the war loving USA after the cold war era. They feared the repercussions of that on the economy and world peace

But the moon landings took place bang in the middle of the cold war era. The soviets also made several attempts which all failures to get to the moon.

They would have talked back then about the great US hoax.

Yebbo… and a kg of mass from our solar system can produce tremendous amounts of power through fission or fusion. Thats one of the reasons nuclear powered aircraft carriers dont need to refuel for 20yrs currently

One rocket at the time cost 100 million to build. Hizi hesabu sijui niaje.all other essentials to enable a space mission could not be that expensive to reach the figure you have quoted.

I don’t know which ones. But I remember that robits, smart phones, flying cars, electric cars and AI were all soke theories put forth by movies

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]What an odd thing for a @Stormtrooper98 to say

Usijali mkubwa… Soon kutakua na cloning like Dolly the sheep… Your genes frozen and you be recreated in the distant future, or just have your “consciousness” uploaded and saved in the cloud, utafufuliwa 2520 as an android na hiyo consciousness iwe downloaded into it. Bar that let’s wait for cryogenics. Thou shalt witness close encounters of the third kind… First hand

it is impossible to pass through the [SIZE=4]Van Allen Radiation Belt[/SIZE]
utterly impossible
the astronauts would have needed more than 2 feet of steel walls around the space craft to protect them from the radiation in these belts

google is not God
google lies
use other search engines to get the real truth

introjius yeye kwa dak dak go

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Search as? :smiley: :smiley:

Sande sana elder. We shall live forever