moon landing hoax

consindering that it is almost 50 years since the last time humans went to the moon and only one country(USA) has landed people on the moon’s surface, would we be justified to think that moonlanding was a well planned hoax and was faked and filmed here on earth for propaganda reasons?? how is it that no any other country(including china?!) has sent man to the moon given that today’s technology is by far much advanced than in 1960’s and 70’s??.

Americans are planning to send people to the moon in 2021 so is China. They are also planning to go to Mars in 2023. Kuenda huko si kama kuenda SJ.

Going to the moon is a challenging, risky and highly expensive endeavor with no clear benefit. Do your voters want you to spend money on a rocket or on roads, schools and hospitals? Banae, going to the moon will not gain you any voters.

When is kenya sending its people.?

The dick measuring was as a good as the cold war lasted…why would a country like Russia spend billions of dollar amid sanctions for a bid with no clear benefits?

Considering a fueled up and loaded space shuttle weighs about 2000 tonnes, and according to Physicist Michio Kaku, it cost $10,000 to put 0.5kgs of something into space. So 2,000,000/0.5 × $10,000= $40,000,000,000 i.e $40bn… just to go to Space… uchapwe na radiation huko. Ni kutupa pesa to be honest.

No one has ever gone to the moon. The hoax was created to make USA feel more superior to Russia since it was during the cold war era

i also think the same. atleast i believe that humans went to the moon but i can’t bet my life for it.there are just so many reasons to think that it was a hoax.

They saw something on the dark side of the moon… Something they refuse to speak about. Some radio communication by Armstrong was classified and never released to the public… Ni kama walionywa by some ETs wasithubutu kukanyaga huko tena. Na sio yule ET wa kuendesha baiskeli. And they firmly believed the threat wakakunja mkia. The two cold War superpowers wakaexchange notes na wakatii

C’mon man, aliens don’t exist.

They exist. We can’t be alone in the vast universe

Says the man with a clone warrior avatar from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away :smiley:

If it was a hoax, Iam pretty sure the soviets would have made sure the world knows but walikunja mkia

:D:D:D For me Sci-fi is purely fantasy. I wish they existed but they don’t and even if they did, they would never find us in this huge universe. What would a type II/ III civilisation be doing on our moon anyway.

Hehe, for me, aliens ziko category moja na angels and demons.

It is clearly understood that the moon landings were a major hoax created by NASA with the assistance of Hollywood
the Soviets said it back in '69 but nobody believed them
evidence has since surfaced to support the same

It’s in the BBI

Chiefs are talking

Like what?