Monthly Kenya Pawan National Black Out

Anus lickers @sani @mikymas @Billy_Drago @Berlin_Oxford @nyundo_wa_komeo @Mworia_Wameru @Kennedy_Maina heh, kwani hawa wakale wanatafuna kenya pawa bila jokes?na kuongeza bills na kuzimia country mzima stima? Hata wakati wa Uhuru hawakuwa wanatuzimia kila mwezi hivi


Wakale ni Natural Born THIEVES


Power been off since 10am…

The Irony is weekends is when most people are around and will likely use most power. It is in the best interest to KPLC to ensure that the Power is available…

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Huku ni wapi? Ndio wamezimia country yote

Someone wants it be like Nigeria and south Africa

Enyewe we are low IQ

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Hiyo laini ya Lurambi constituency all the way to shinyalu imekuwa na brownouts mob sana ukiuliza kwanini the stupid lady on the phone is very rude ni kama umemuuliza personal question.

Wacha tuambiwe system disturbance tena.

Mlichagua takataka, Sasa nyamazeni


Nyayo error incompetence is back baby :joy::joy:buckle up it’s going to be a shit show for the ages


Sisi watu wa Tiaty tumekua on an absolute perpetual darkness without fail since the time our ancestors landed on the far side of the lowlands overlooking the ragged terrains, across from the ravines that from a distance; seem to overlap with the valleys stretching far beyond the horizon. So we adapted. We move at night in pitch black darkness with the ease a master painter would move his brush in perfect strokes blindfolded. We come to you in darkness, when you least expect it, when less prepared and most afraid of not us but the darkness. And just has fast disappear to the darkness … bringing doom on those who cross our path. For we were born into darkness, our hearts are dark, our souls dark, we are the warriors of darkness.

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Mtu akichagua classmate wake in a key parastatal then he inturns brings his people in every department then you haven’t seen incompetence yet. This is just the begining.


I really would like a scientific explanation on how KPLC can have Power Supply from Monday to Friday , then suddenly it just disappears on Saturday or Sunday …??

  • Do the systems , machinery or Humans in control fail every Weekend …???
  • Or is there more here than meets the Eye … ???

Ngombe Kabisa … :rage:

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Mwizi ameshindwa na kazi. Impeache this Piece Of Stool


JSKS should have pharmacy tepesh as his chief underground advisor. I can help that top dog lainisha these thieves to perfection.
As a free advice murkomeno should be imprisoned. That will appeased many kalenjins and Kenyans in general

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@Murkomeno is too close to the centre of power to be impeached.
Leave alone imprisonment.

Wacha tufumilie pamoja priss.

KPLC staff are creating " overtime extra payment" . Christmas is around the corner.

Come, let us laugh

Why hasn’t anyone been fired like Kaa MD

There is nothing to laugh. The transmission lines in Kenya need upgrade as soon as possible to catch up with peak load demand. The explanation from the CS is sound from an engineering perspective.