Monsterland- most demonic TV series

the most demonic hollywood series i have ever seen in my decades as a Hollywood critique. Demonic in a chilling manner si kama kina SUPERNATURAL na LUCIFER this is on a different level

this series has alot of occult hidden meanings it shows how deep hollywood is in satanism. ile spirit cooking ya kina Obama na Hillary iko in one of the episodes very veiled.

for a normal person hautaelewa 90% OF THE SERIES , its full of locks and demonic puzzles in every episode . mimi mwenyewe i like supernatural tv shows but hii imenionyesha kweli there is some very evil agenda in hollywood. na si ati ni low budget series it has the top echelon of hollywood actors in it.

i would not recommend it for anyone its just phucked up mieeeeeennnnn. its so deep in cryptic devilish stuff. ukiamua kuwatch have yor bible by your side @Purple.

parents be vigilant what your kids watch ama utaamka siku moja mtoi amechinja watu.

Watched it, creepy as fuck though I liked it

thiught Trump bombed russisn sildiers in syria…
io nko nayo morrow

Kama ni deeper than Supernatural…then hii ni mwofaya

Thanks for the heads up. I cannot transmit hell to my laptop or TV, there’s enough trouble on this earth why add more to my plate? You see Hollywood is now so steeped in devil worship that they don’t bother to hide it anymore. I hear people at work saying how much they’re “enjoying” the series called Lucifer and how Lucifer is such a “nice guy.” Oh my. If that is not high blasphemy to sit down and even tolerate a show called “Lucifer” ----have we lost our collective minds?! People are slowly being programmed to tolerate devil worship. May we endeavor to resist the devil in all that we do, and he will flee from us.

So unataka kusema you are not a normal person ndio maana umeelewa?

Sisi mere mortals hatutashikanisha. Anyway, nitaiwatch.

Religious fanaticism has a way of making smart and educated people extremely illogical.

Hollywood is motivated by money. If people watch it, they make more of it. If people don’t, the show is cancelled. Society determines what thrives in movies. Not the other way round i.e movies don’t determine people’s interests. It is the producers who adapt to the market.

A producer’s job is to have as many eyeballs as possible. That’s why they touch on the most controversial topics. @uwesmake might not know this, but he is marketing that TV show for free - exactly what the creators wanted. I know because if I was a producer, I would do the same. I would touch on the most triggering topics and subjects, as long as its within legal confines.

If same sex marriage was to be allowed in Kenya, and I had the money, I would invest in a movie, pay actors, and make a killing. That is a very sensitive topic in African culture, and most people would get angry and triggered, AFTER WATCHING. As long as they watch, their reaction doesn’t matter. And I would make a boatload of money from that movie after paying actors and other expenses.

almost kila episode inabidi u decipher demonic cryptic meaning at the end , its like its a code message. at first i found it to be bullshit until i went past episode two

Go right ahead, but this is not something to play with. Personally I have no desire to livestream hell into my living room.

Most movie story’s are adaptations of novels and the Bible nothing original
lately they is increased agenda on pushing LGBT and feminisim
example if you missed it in the following movie watch frame by frame you can see as the bullets hits trans “lady” the Illuminati symbol is visible

Supernatural ni cartoon

That’s quite a reach if I ever saw one

Link omwami. Ama iko netflix?


Do you read any books apart from the bible? Do you know the meaning of the word Lucifer?

And yet you profit off a site which is 1/3rd wangapi tumesalimiana content

Lucifer means “morningstar,” that angel who was once the most senior of all, the most beautiful one, but due to his pride, God cast him out of heaven to the earth.