Monsanto have Uhuru by the Balls

BT Cotton will usher in gmo foods into kenya, through the big four agenda.
BT Cotton is banned in other countries in Africa, and states in the US.
Chris Kirubi is the local spanner boy for the multinational cartels, through Bayer East Africa.

BT Cotton farmers in india have been caught into vicious debt traps and low yielding harvests.
This led to some poor marginal farmers committing suicide over the losses they have incurred. The farmer suicides happened in large numbers around 2004-2006 in the areas that cultivated cotton and a lot of these farmers drank the pesticides they sprayed on their crops out of despair.

Poisonous kind of capitalist greed.

Tukufe hadi kenya iishe.

Monsanto need to rebrand to Monsatan. Evil bitches.

to grow BT cotton you have to have a buffer zone of 20% of your farm under non BT Cotton, for the pests to feed on the non BT, io ni loss. The seeds are not affordable, ni kama ii biashara ya uber. Ni biashara ya kuuza pesticides na seeds wanatafuta, nothing else. Hakuna factory itaguruma na pamba imekuzwa kenya

Hio sio shida…
Shida ni billliony ngapi watakula Juu ya tender and loans for a chieth project