Are form ones still welcomed like we were with slaps and sweeps?
In the 80s twas really bad. After kuchapwa nilipewa kachupa ka wino nikaambiwa giza ikiingia nichote ni jaze. I was the lucky one, wengine walikua wanapakwa pilipili kwa matter core, imagine the agony. Share your experience na @mabenda4 Tell us what you will do if your daughter calls and says she is being monolised.

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I think high-school yetu was one of the worst… But I know one more that was into hollywood quality monolization. In ours half of the form ones used to sleep at night in class… The dorm was just impossible. Hio high-school ingine was situated next to a waterfall and monos were forced to jump off the cliff into the foot of the waterfall for the morning shower. I have several friends who dropped or changed high-schools coz of this.

Kuosha sahani form 4 did it only twice.

Kulikuwa na fourth former in my high school who was crazy. One weekend he came to a basketball game na shorts zimeraruka kwa makende. Then he claims that there was a nyani checking him out. He sent the poor fellow akuje na uzi na shindano then made him fix the tear while still wearing the shorts.


hata nishikiwe Gun kwa kichwa kuna vitu zingine siwezi fanya and when push comes to shove then kheri nimdunge balls zake na hio sindano alafu nitoke mbio hadi offisi ya headmaster and correction huyo 4th fourmer was not crazy he was simply Gay


I was rude. Just couldn’t bring myself to do the task given fully. The first few days I got some slaps here and there but come what may,ukisema unakuja lunchtime you still find it not done. Left with you one on one,I simply don’t talk but my eyes never leaves you…if you are able to read the sign well n good. Meeting ends. By first week, I had blended so well with those considered bullies of the bulliest.

fangi ni mbaya


It was the era of the landlines, the bully with the smelliest shoes would remove one and tell you to place it on your ear and mouth and call home. How we survived that without suffocating is probably due to God’s mercies.


Mimi nilikuwa mtu ya cu damu…after preps mbio hadi cu nitamaliza maombi wazee wakilala ndio niingie bed kama ninja

Siku izi hakuna monolisation,kila mtu anatoshana urefu.u cant tell the difference between a mono and a form four,in my school haikua ata kidogo(catholic school)

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Luckily I got to high school when physical monolization in the school I was admitted to was over…lakini percussion dancing training we got was far much worse

LOL this made me run away from high school for one month. Some bully stepped on my back and asked me to do push ups coz I couldn’t bend my back well and that was it… Packed my bags and left…

ilie hukumbuka ni, niliambiwa niseme, “brrrrr”. kusema, nigga akadai- you can be a good driver. nikapewa a stick niassume ni gari niende nikihoot kama mamono wenzangu wamenishika nyuma. worse thing kulikuwa na fuction.


Guys like me of schools like braeburn and its ilk hapana tambua monolisation. Some idiots in 4th form tried but i just ignored their nonsense


Do form ones who look like they are 35 monolised?

And pink handles? @Guru @Mrs4thletter @spax

Gues coz ya vile nlikuwa ka - bully kiasi to my fellow form ones and form twos sikusumbuliwa. Instead i had a crew of wale fourth form wabaya tuna-hung pamoja…

But when nlidecide kujoin school Rugby team , Ritual ilikuwa lazima upewe maji Litre 5, drink the whole bottle, and that time u have a piece of tissue paper stuck in your crack then inawashwa the other end…You have to maliza hiyo maji kabla moto ikufikie kwa Matter-core…that day nlikipata. Nlikuwa nanuka nyama choma…


And you went on to become a bully yourself, if your hekayas are to be believed.
Ata penye nilisomea bullying was non existent. I never encountered it, only heard the horror stories my friends told over the holidays.

Not that I am proud of it but back then you were either the bully or the guy at the receiving end… No middle ground. Hata watu wa CU walikuwa na mono wao.

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Ningezishonanisha pamoja

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