Monkey see, Monkey Do

The thread’s feed is littered with Raila this Raila that …Baboun this, Baboun That

…and my fave, “Monkey Vendor”

Just coz everyone is doing it, u also gonna do, yes?

Just like a monkey, no???

Why ain’t I even surprised???

Kwanza tuambie kama wewe hukunywa maji Ganges.


Read my other thread, Modi will clean up that river

Filthy Bustard!!! go back to your filthy country drink from ganges and die in peace… uache kutusumbua…

Atleast give her some credit, she still owes us a hekaya…:smiley:

Ati she?? ii ni ndume he is just trolling…

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leo asubuhi umeoga kwa holy river ganges???

But until Modi cleans up that river,
though we know not if clean it he’ll ever,
thou shalt quench thy thirst …thither?


Continue dreaming about Modi cleaning that river!
At the rate you’re dumping all manner of rubbish in that “holy” river, even his tenth generation will find it ten times worse. The comparison between water from that river and Nairobi river ni kama “dasani” water and sewage…and we’re all aware how “clean” Nairobi river is.

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:(:(:(:(Lord forgive me for creating this hatred.

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Who the fuck is this mishty?


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It’s been 2 years, mafaka.
And women are still being raped and murdered in the dark because they gotta go outside to take a shit.

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Wale watu wa kazi ya muhindi, knock yourselves out, there is a muhindi shiet here.

Play about with the words and you get “my shit”. Exactly what everybody there is dumping in that river.

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