Monica Kimani saga: Enter Josiah Murigu 'the journalist' and his 'NGO'.

Is Josiah just an ordinary busybody mjuaji ama ametumwa na Kur… na Son… the people with Jowie and Maribe?! Pamba nilikuambia hii mkitoboa nyinyi ni wanoma. If indeed you are a real cop. Msando.

[SIZE=6]Jubilee man’s NGO is making waves in Monica murder trial[/SIZE]
Josiah Murigu during an interview in Nairobi on October 22,2018. He says he has written to FBI seeking its help in investigating the murder of Monicah Kimani. PHOTO | EVANS HABIL | NATION MEDIA GROUP
In Summary
[li]Lobby group says it has hired private detectives, called in FBI.[/li][li]Jury is out whether group is assisting or obstructing justice.[/li][/ul]

The man behind a pressure group that has filed papers in the murder trial of TV journalist Jacque Maribe is a former journalist and a former Jubilee candidate in the Kirinyaga Central parliamentary race in the last election.
Mr Josiah Murigu appears to enjoy close links with sections of the Jubilee establishment and State House officials. On social media, he has expressed support for Ms Maribe and identified himself as her friend.
It remains to be seen what Justice James Wakiaga — who has issued orders for the media not to report material not canvassed in court — will make of the efforts by Mr Murigu’s Empowering Africa Through Media to use the court process to criticise the prosecution and the investigation.

The family of the victim may participate in a murder trial, alongside the prosecution and the defence, but it is not clear if friends of a suspect, or a group representing them, can take part.
The entry of a pressure group whose officials have links to Jubilee into the Monica Kimani murder case has added another twist to a case which has intrigued the nation.

While Mr Murigu says the aim of starting the NGO was to help train journalists how to handle different matters within the continent, the Media Council of Kenya said that the organisation was not registered with it.

“The organisation is not registered with MCK, but we will confirm whether it has applied for any registration as a media NGO in Kenya,” said David Omwoyo, the MCK boss.
Police say that Ms Kimani, a South Sudan-based businesswoman had her throat slit on the night of September 19 at her Lamuria Gardens Apartment in Kilimani, Off Dennis Pritt Road in Nairobi.
Two suspects, Joseph Irungu and Ms Maribe have been charged with the murder and are in custody pending the hearing of their bail application tomorrow. They have denied the charge.
Before the filings in court, Mr Murigu was little known outside Jubilee Party where he is an operative. The last time he was in the limelight was in the last general elections when he quit his job to vie for the Kirinyaga Central seat on a Jubilee ticket. He failed to clinch the ticket.
As part of his campaign, he had managed to bring in several Jubilee bigwigs, including Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria to help him boost his image. On his Facebook page, he posted photos with other media operatives who include Mr Itumbi, the then State House-based Secretary of Digital Innovation and Diaspora in the Office of the President.

After the arrest of Ms Maribe, several Jubilee politicians and campaigners, including Mr Kuria and Mr Itumbi, have expressed solidarity with Ms Maribe. Mr Irungu is represented by top criminal lawyer Cliff Ombeta while Ms Maribe is represented by Mr Katwa Kigen, one of Deputy President William Ruto’s lawyers during the trial at the International Criminal Court.
Mr Murigu in his affidavit not only accuses DCI of laxity but has also written to the US Embassy in Nairobi seeking assistance: “Given that there is DNA evidence and that the suspected scene of crime is secure, we believe that your expertise, advanced forensic technology, and years of experience would help us quickly to close a straightforward matter with the right suspects brought before the court.”

On Monday, he told the Nation that the NGO, which can be reached on a Gmail address, had retained private investigators to work the case, a claim that the Nation could not authenticate.
In his letter to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Mr Murigu says his NGO was concerned that local investigations may be delayed, prejudicing the accused persons and delaying closure and justice to the family and asking the Americans for help. Such requests can only be made by the government.

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[SIZE=7]NGO wants Sonko quizzed over Monica Kimani murder[/SIZE] Maribe and Joseph Irungu at a Milimani court on Monday,October 15 where together were charged with murdering Monica Kimani. PHOTO/COLLINS KWEYU

A little-known NGO has poked holes on the ongoing investigations into the murder of Monica Kimani on the night of September 20.

In an affidavit filed at the High Court on Friday, Empowering Africa Through Media accuses the prosecution of laxity and failing to record a statement from the prime suspect Joseph Irungu, 25 days after his arrest.

It says those who were with TV journalist Jacque Maribe (the second accused) on the night Monica was murdered have also never been summoned to give their statements.

They include Nairobi governor Mike Sonko.

Irungu and Maribe have been charged with the murder. They have denied any wrongdoing.

“The Director of Criminal Investigations is yet to summon and record statements from the people that the second accused (Jacque Maribe) was in the company of on the night of the murder including governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko who was with her and others at an entertainment joint in Nairobi,” Murigu claims.

Sonko posted pictures posing with Maribe after an interview on Citizen TV the same night.

Murigu further wonders why the prosecution has not acquired CCTV footage from two entertainment joints where Maribe was at the night of the murder.

“Since the prosecution cites a complicated investigation as a reason for delay then why have they not dispensed the simple task like summoning and recording statements from the willing persons that were in the company of the 2nd accused person on the night of the murder,” reads part of the affidavit received by the High Court and the DPP.

Murigu says if the obvious cannot be done it is clear that the complicated will not be done. On Friday, a GSU officer was arrested in relation to the same murder.

The Recce Squad officer told police that Joseph Irungu went to the slain woman’s house.

Jennings Orlando said he did not accompany Irungu, aka Jowie, to Monica’s house.

Police are contemplating using him as a state witness. Orlando had initially denied any knowledge of the incident but changed his position at the weekend.

[SIZE=7]Jacque Maribe was in the company of Mike Sonko the night Monica Kimani was murdered[/SIZE]

- Empowering Africa Through Media filed a petition seeking to have Maribe freed without further delay

- The NGO claimed DCI was yet to summon people the accused was hanging out with on the night Monica was killed

- The NGO alleged Maribe was with governor Mike Sonko and others at an entertainment joint in Nairobi

- The NGO further alleged the DCI was yet to acquire CCTV footage which could prove Maribe was with the governor

- Maribe had earlier pleaded with the court to separate her case from that of her lover, Joseph Irungu

It has emerged Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe was with Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko on the night business lady Monica Nyawira Kimani was allegedly murdered in Kilimani area, Nairobi.

A non-governmental organisation (NGO) called Empowering Africa Through Media claimed the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) did not summon or record statements from people who were with Maribe on the night of murder.
Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe claimed she was with Nairobi County Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko on the day business lady Monica Nyawira Kimani was allegedly murdered in Kilimani, Nairobi.

An affidavit filed by Empowering Africa Through Media, and which was seen by on Sunday, October 21, revealed the DCI was also yet to obtain CCTV footage from the entertainment joints she was when Monica was killed.

[INDENT]“The DCI is yet to summon and record statement from the people that the second accused was in company of including Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko at an entertainment joint in Nairobi,” the affidavit dated October 19, 2018, read in part.[/INDENT]

The NGO argued since the prosecutor cited a complicated investigation as the reason why she could not be freed on bail, then it was not likely that they will summon and record statements from the persons who she was with on the night of the murder.

The NGO further argued the prosecutor was desperate to find evidence that could incriminate the second accused but was not successful because there was no evidence linking her to the alleged crime.

[INDENT]“The DCI has exhibited desperation in their quest for incriminating evidence and have been more less running around like headless chicken to the extent of planting spies at the Gigiri Police Station where the second accused person had been held for close to two weeks,” the affidavit read.[/INDENT]

The TV journalist had earlier pleaded with the court to separate her case from that of her boyfriend, Irungu, arguing she was not responsible for whatever criminal offense he may have committed.

She admitted she was in love with Irungu at the time of his arrest but insisted she was not an accomplice in the said crime.

And that’s how expensive a justice can cost.
Time is money.

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The burden of proof is with the prosecution. Suspects don’t have to prove their innocence at all. This is why many guilty people go free because the prosecution is unable to prove beyond reasonable doubt their supposed guilt. Also kina Pamba made a big mistake by releasing evidence of the case very prematurely hence Jowie and Co had enough to put up a strong defence.

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