Monica Case

Isn’t it weird that everyone has been pushed to focus on the killing itself. They even remind with the shock tactic of how her throat was slit. We are also being distracted by shit as pointless as sponsor manenos.

Lakini the motive has been swept under the radar. If she was connected to powerful people in Sudan, her murder was part of a big big play. I know Kenya is now a playground, a Monaco, for Eastern and Central African filth. So it would be interesting to know what this girl was really involved in.

Na tuko hapa being told the journalist and the mystery man killed her for money. Yet the same dude we are told makes sooo much money and lives THE life. A guy who worked for Private Military that are known to do shady things. He is a mercenary after all.

And the shadiness it Jowie doesn’t really matter. All these rich folk we see in Kenya are shady af. For obvious reasons. Their work never supercedes them. We all know how dirty flamboyant or political wealth is in this country.

Ah…@girlicki. It’s going to Monday morning. We are thinking about Money and Bills. Friday is for slay queens and sponsors.

You are overthinking but isorait… the more the conspiracy theories the merrier

In the scheme of things she was small fish. It may seem she had a lot of money ( to an average Kenyan), but to people who deal in dollars, its nothing to jump about.
And , why would a Sudanese multimillionare (in dollars) kill her. Instead of just moving on to his next woman.

Or make her disappear in S. Sudan, you know.

Jowie lied. He wasn’t shot at Monica’s address. The watchmen and neighbours would have heard the gun shot.
Then they (Jowie + Jacky) didn’t even bother report the alleged thugs who shot him immediately. Who does that? I’ll tell you who. A brain dead wannabe.

Kulala pia ni kazi

You see, Jowi having a gunshot wound or Maribe burning the clothes Jowi was wearing has no much weight in relation to Monica’s death. At least talk about the finger prints/DNA samples specifically on the tape and on the rope. How about Jowi had an affair with Monica behind the sponsors back, And the sponser decided to send her to her maker. NB that is my opinion.

Ever played chess girlciki93? What happens to the pawns :chess_pawn:♙:chess_pawn:♙? How disposable are they?

Yeah, Monica, unfortunately, is the pawn here. As long as the King is still in play, her purpose doesn’t matter -especially considering she’s off the chessboard.

Plus, I’m sure she was replaced faster than the Nyeri governor. And ofc, it goes without saying that she was replaced with a fellow social climber whose fate could be no different.

What if she was a money mule or a drug kingpin? We can’t arrest her, can we? And sure enough we can’t arrest her boss because we can’t even solve the cartel menace in our counties.

Now quit overthinking and enjoy the 8th of October.


you are godamn right.that joe guy may have been used to facilitate the murder and freaked out after the deed

well,jowie became the backward pawn of a basic ending with monica as the bind.He got played.There is more than meets the eye.I wouldn’t be surprised if jowie "hangs himself " coz of guilt,there are shadowy people behind all this.We are looking at the picture in very bad lighting missing crucial details

ramifications my friend,remember there were two people when njuhi came out of the room? and that muzungu neigbour? kuna vitu hatuambiwi

Thank you. Everyone is caught up on the wrong stuff.