Money.....When do you know you've accumulated enough?

It’s every hustlers wish to get to the top but does more money equals happiness? Looking through the lives of the many billionaires seems to suggest not.

Why not be content with a successful 1 branch supermarket rather than wallowing in debt just to be the market leader with all the stress that accompanies such. Or just be content with one or two matatus rather than owning a fleet and having no peace of mind.

A sad story of a former indian billionaire [ATTACH=full]492570[/ATTACH]


Humans are naturally greedy. So sadly when it comes to money, hakuna kitu kama enough money.

everyone will meet a sad ending including you and me it’s the tragedy of life.

You wouldn’t understand. Even the guy with $50 million wants more because there are things he cannot afford e.g. a private jet or yacht. Halafu by the time msee anafika such levels, he has worked so hard for so long that diligence is now part of his personality. He won’t feel alive without working. Even ordinary people wako ivo. Ushawahi jipata working even when you are sick or have a hangover yet you don’t really have to work that day?? Mimi siku ikiisha bila kufanya anything na siko holiday officially huwa nafeel something is off hata heri nichukue hose pipe nioshe gari (a low ROI activity). Men have an innate desire to make daily progress no matter how small.

It’s easier to get up there but maintaining is hard. As you get up there you try your best to maintain. Greed set in because you thing a new kid will get into the block and dislodge you. The life you live up you can’t downgrade.

When you can disturb stock markets by speaking a few sentences.

It reached a point where the mere accumulation of money excites you. At this point you are not making money to satisfy a need. Hitting targets is the need. In other words, it’s never enough

This is one common myth that I disagree with 100%. All evidence shows that it is harder go get up there and easier to maintain because you have the capital and experience. All evidence shows that the rich get richer as the poor remain poor for their entire life.

Pesa Haina miiba ati itanidunga ongeza mbesha kwa account!!!