Money Was Being shared Like Njugu Karanga

The KShs. 100,000,000 above is the 10% fee/commission payable to Mutula Kilonzo & Co. Advocates, for enabling the KShs. 1 billion transaction:-) Truly mind boggling figures
Source: Kenya’s “Finance” magazine of 2nd December 1999.


ngoja wapate hio slippers ingine.

Mali ya mzee hiyo. Mutula was official bribe taker for Moi.

gideon, kalonzo & jirongo used nssf in the 90’s like their piggy bank. Literary binge drinking, tours across the country and abroad as they wished. All NSSF projects in over a decade failed because of these group theft. They bought properties all over including cape town just for the parties. Saa hii nikiona gideon trying to speak anything anti corruption I just laugh. Let me explain with a story.

Pizza inn westlands. the trio are taking lunch and the cars are parked outside the entrance. Now Jirongo wants to change cars but the problems is the money is in the Mercedes booth, he reverses the pajero a few meters from it such that both booths face each other. He gets out with his bodyguard and starts carrying a pile of cash and fill the pajero. gideon is in a green old range rover back left next to them. The watchmen are shocked. Pesa inabebwa kama magazeti, thrown into the booth.

Yaani…in 1995 Mutula kilonzo was paid 100 million…:eek:

That is mind boggling. Sasa imagine mtu wa 900 million

Why are you conveniently forgetting to mention your uncle?

This is why I hear some young boys saying eti Uhuru is the most corrupt president nacheka hysterically.

Here is a list of Kenya’s most corrupt presidents in order of the most corrupt to the least corrupt:

  1. Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi
  2. Jomo Kenyatta
  3. Uhunye
  4. Emilio

I tend to agree.