Money on the altar

I rarely watch TV and read papers. Even the free paper given on the commute to work in the morn’ end up at home for other uses except reading.

However with the festivities I’ve found myself channel surfing some Christian stations. I came across one called Aviation TV.The first thing I noticed was people going to throw money at the altar in fact the steps were covered with notes.

So my question is,where did this tradition come from and what is its biblical basis? What is the rationale behind it? Is it to motivate the pastor or what?

Hii ni wuizi mtupu! Lakini hujaambiwa hata wewe usiende kutupa.

Alafu hii station kwa kila maombi unapata kila MTU anaanguka, sijui ni nini huwa inahappen na sitaki kujua

Notice huwa notes peke yake… I think it serves two purposes:

  • display the opulence to wow the Sheeple
  • shame the Sheeple into donating notes (you wouldn’t wanna be seen giving coins)

i think, people give money to the ‘priests’ thinking their sins will be forgiven by doing so…or…they give out money thinking it’s an offering to the Lord, but most ‘priests’ have made it a business

I think its a way to induce you to throw money after you see others throwing their money so that you will get lucky. These practice has very sinister pagan roots its only that I can t recall wea other than strip club s ndio unatupa pesa kwa stage which is actually a demonic altar like the one used by prostitutes at the pagan altars of Corinth.