Are they a good investment? Some expound for me more about them??

Depends on your risk appetite VS investment goals. Mostly low risk and low returns.

Yes kuliko pesa kukaa tu kwa bank account, with money market you get interest that help you beat inflation. It is low risk compared to shares since your principal amount is always guaranteed

Kwelii!! Some recommendations ? Please?


Britam money market fund is good try the imarika plan been there since 2019 can’t complain. Also zimele has a comparatively high daily compounding rate.

Nunua T-bills or T-bonds, wachana na hizo zingine

Weka kwa Sacco, nunu T-bills or T-bonds, invest in real estate, research a good business uweke, rear goats or fatten bulls for meat (don’t get into kuku business), etc - Money market ya Kenya ni wizi utalilia chooni tu

Watu wameoshwa na hizi money markets za Kenya mpaka Mkurungezi aliwaanika