Money Laundering

When I hear rumours I like confirming them. I heard that akina Tala, Branch and other apps za mkopo are being used for money laundering by the corrupt mofos in country to clean their money. Any truth to this?

This one is new. I only knew about the many upcoming buildings in Nairobi and the major towns in Kenya.

Money laundering thugs are like stray dogs, you feed them once and they are back at your doorstep asking for more. ~ Lex Luther, Smallville

malls and gambling

In Kenya, you DON’T need to launder money to clean it. We are not there yet. If you steal money and buy hotels or buildings in major towns, you can proceed to sleep like a baby.

True. How do you manage Money Laundering when you accept cash payments delivered in suitcases and briefcases?

I know a guy who is building one… hehe alishow judge two floors ni zake for 5yrs… kelele za watu zikaisha pale kwa court

Actually buying is not easy. Banks will ask questions about the source of your cash and why there’s no bank transfer. The best and the safest way to do money laundering is through construction. As in, you can buy a Kes 10 millions land anywhere then start doing constructions worth Kes 2 billions on it without raising eyebrows. Today you buy sand worth 200k in cash, tomorrow cement worth 300k in cash, next you pay for ballast and transport worth 200k in cash, Labor of 100k in cash and so on. Within 2 weeks you have wiped Kes 50 millions without breaking a sweat!

The way you have explained it well it seems you are a pro in that field


How,do you understand money laundering steps?

Speaking of money laundering,i’m watching Orzak on netflix,that shiet is so easy [SIZE=1]i think[/SIZE] if you have capital and can grease some hands [SIZE=1]not what you’re thingking you damn wankers:D:D:D:D:D:D[/SIZE]

Season 2 ilitoka?? Nliwachia 1…

huyo mzee anajitahidi kweli. Pesa iko lakini unaishi na stress ka maskini.

And according to you what you have posted is not money laundering sio?

The steps need not necessary take place as you read in a text book. They overlap…common knowledge to anyone who has read widely and researched on the vice

No its not. Property has a very low return on investment. It is hard to claim that you earned billions from rent. Laundering is mostly done with businesses where you can inflate sales e.g service businesses and clubs etc

the system is rigged everywhere hadi lawyers wako kwa mfuko ya cartels

You actually don’t understand laundering,hizi hoteli zinajengwa Nairobi it’s coz of money laundering ,jamaa hatafuti income rather to dispose liquid cash.

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