Money Lanyes Make

If you have been in one of these brothel clubs like CLUB GREEN/ CLUB GEEZ and you are careful, you will notice some lanyes being picked 6,7,8 or even 10 times within a short time. Assuming that lanye makes 300 worst case in every of those rounds, thats about 3k within maybe a night, worst case. That translates to about 90k a month, worst case. That ks much more than most of their clients make.

Yet year after year, you will see those lanyes doing that filthy sinful immoral work. I used to ask myself(I quit that lifestyle), why cant they leave this work?

Easy come easy go. Some have made some money for themselves. But for most it’s like a windfall. Secondly they don’t necessarily work each day. Thirdly when you receive your money at the end of the month you can plan for it. But it is difficult to plan with daily wages. Case in point how many touts and matatu drivers do you see becoming rich after years of work?

Look at you, Huwa unaenda kwa bar kuhesabu maraya ametombwa mara ngapi? Sadness of life

The average prostitute in those clubs makes 20k-30k per month.

@Hydra umeona hiyo analysis ya Azor Ahai? Ignore kanguthu yeye ni known faggot, there is a prize tag of 10M for his head just incase you want to become rich quickly

Once you have a curious mind you can see those things. But thank God I quit pombe and the accompanying manenos.

Haha, the figures @Azor Ahai has mentioned are very much on the low side. Very low side

You are very green and wet behind your ears young man. You showed up on a Friday and thought that prostitutes make 3k+ daily from their activities. I understand the brothel business inside and out because I did some serious research about it a while back. It is a very profitable business to the owner of the brothel, not to the prostitutes. Don’t underestimate competition and the fact that most customers are only available on two days of the week.

Lakini hata wewe unafaa utumie common sense. Why would they live in slums if they make 90k??

Which work do you do? How long have you been doing it? Have you ever contemplated leaving it? Put yourself into their shoes

Kuna mmoja aliniambia before COVID she used to make between 10 and 15k.

Kumbe siasa zimeisha Kenya had hydra anaoost mambo ya lanye

The vast majority are condemned to live a life of misery and poverty. It is a dogs life.

Unasema nini

This now sounds realistic

Those lanyes you see make something in a range of 25k-30k. Remember sometimes they may go a single night without getting a client or maybe they get a client or two. Other times they take some time off. Its not easy getting pounded by different types of dick sizes without lubrication. The bad thing is accounting for the same money. Most of them have poor managerial skills. She will make 2k a night. Kesho isha isha. No wonder they live in slums.

Those who are capable of making 90k momthly are those online escorts who charge a premium for their services!

As a side note:that lifestyle interferes with the brain.

Pesa za haraka huisha haraka. Same to drug peddlers. Hao siku za Kwanza wanakuaga ma chumz mbaya sana but eventually they end up very broke and poor without investments. You are a lanye and a drug peddler because you are a fool. Fools don’t know shit about investments and planning…

Civil servants’ retirement age is 60, for lanyez their shelf-life is much shorter

easy come easy go money, and she skips job the week of periods too

i feel sorry for them