Money is not everything,chuma ya doshi is everything

Pesa sio kila kitu,but it makes a hellufa difference.Girls from rich homes know this,that’s why they will go to a nigga who treats her right and dickmatizes her better than a fellow rich guy who’s only topic of conversation is ‘you know my dad made 10mikes yesterday’ or ‘you know my mum is about to let me be I charge of the bizz’.Saa hizo the guy has neglected the girl kinembe inawasha yeye sasawa.
Tecra is a classic example of this.After hearing of her story,it reminded me of a daughter of the current head of public service.She fell in love with some guy who fell shot of her family’s standard.The guy alikua tu wakutulia mtaani despite having a commercial pilots licence.Majob hazikuwa.Akaboeka na venye family yake wali dismiss chali yake and she eloped with the guy and even got pregnant and now has a daughter.The guy naye got a job flying cargo za ma ngo to Somalia.Family ya dame imeanza ku accept polepole.
Usiwai angalia dem halafu ujiambie oh kwao wako na doh kweli ntawezana?Chuma ya doshi ndio dawa.

Any man can fck, why do you think some can do it better than others? It is fcking friction, anybody can generate that

Zile females ghasia husumbua are the ones brought up milking cows na kupeleka maziwa Ndumberi Dairy Farmers Co-operative Society. Wakiingia town they are constantly looking for an ‘upgrade’ in life thru boy child’s sweat. Chuma alipata more than enough deep in the Sasini Tea Farms long b4 she got her ID.

Hata @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii akioa dame wa 22 years wakati ako 45 years atakuwa na shida sana. Huyo dem atakuwa anakuliwa na tujamaa twa mitaa twa hiyo rika yake. Atajua hajui.

The doshi narrative is bullcrap…

Umetosha kuwa VE

There is nothing like a good dick will keep a woman…
Wanadada are super complicated, TUMEMEZA Vega 100 na VEGA 500 tukachapa threshold na bado watosheki, there will always be a bigger nd better dick, musijochoche

This is a peasant’s fantasy so I’m not surprised by your line of thinking.
This I’m sure crosses an Eastlands guy three times a day
-Akutane na dame from a very rich family
-an only child kwanza
-dame amnoki
-jamaa anampiga kende and mistreats her because ‘she cant go anywhere’
-jamaa ana manage properties za his ageing parents in law
-jamaa ameondokea shida

Madem wenyewe hawajijui! Wewe umeingia hapa kutuambia May 2020 vile unawaelewa? Give us a break

Assuming I have no interest kukumbalika kwao,I can fuk her and as per ktalk standards naigia karura,all sorted the only good time a poosie tastes good is the first time the dik enters even the consequent shot isn’t that exciting

Baba kuna madem hupagawa wakiwekelewa. Ask Wazir Chacha na Esther Arunga wakuambie.

Didnt say good dcik is the only way,i said its an added advantage that can give you head start in this survival for the fittest world.It can also make up for your other shortfalls eg not having so much money.Obviously mwenda wazimu wa sokoni mwenye haogi pia anaeza meza Enzoy,VEGA 100 na VEGA 500 apate a rock solid hardon but doesnt mean it will automatically get him a high pedigree damsel because there are several permutations to getting a high pedigree girl.

Who fucks more fresh beautiful young things, is it a guy with a good dick or a rich nigga? I bet deep down you know the answer…Tafuteni pesa vijana there is no shortcut in life.Hakunaga raisi.

sawa sawa elder @Agwambo …watu wajue the easiest lays are such,hawa wengine wapambane na hali yao ya kukosa pesa

Cheza chini

Huyo pilot Ni ndugu ya ule pailot wa embassava wako webbed feet wa bedsitter

Ebu MGTOW battalion waje hapa with their money is everything narrative watuelezee hii kesi

Looks.Game.Assets.Make sure you at least have two.

Considering that Keroche case,the guy is in shape(looks) and for sure he is not big on assets but it looks like he got game,he saw an opportunity when the lady had some bill to pay,yet he himself has no money…

Hiyo si MGTOW ya KTalk. Huku wanasema money is everything

nigger please, that is the most humiliating position a man can be…
kutumiwa kama dick provider???

Did you read the story of that lady ? she was already starting to move on… to someone else…