Money has been poured

A group of small penised malcontents have decided to hire professional psychological hitmen to try and destabilize the mental state of @Swidfil Makanje.

Well listen here you my mental fortitude is as strong as my erections and such flimsy passive aggressive taunts will not shake my moral duty to remind you of the size of your penises.

I suffer with my big penis, but I console myself with the fact that I can slither it into the toilet and urinate without having to get up from my bed at night. My big penis is prehensile.

Keep the insults coming, and I will keep your girlfriends cumming.

Small penised idiots.

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Please, let’s leave this kind of juvenile nonsense in 2016


You have small penis.

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You like me.

Bingwa tulia


You keep coming back.

Just something outside the box is all we want in 2017 not this crap.

I am not Bingwa.

I am @Mathaais

Who cares

Are you begging for more?

Your penis is small.

You care.

Oh laaaawd! Rid yourself of this stupidity. You’re emotionally malnourished. You got a small penis.



Bingwa unasumbua[ATTACH=full]76228[/ATTACH]

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