Money can't buy Class See kales Athleletes

Class is naturally Inbuilt in an individual see this moneyed kalenjins athletes and the first daughter, despite coming from a well to do family they don’t appear classy hata typical modern urbane husler feminist chick looks more classy, than these kales village girls with money hata pesa haiwezi wangarisha…
My observation… grew up in eldy I see in eldy athletes Huwa na pesa but the way they roll it’s very basic their women basic yaani zero urbane vibe

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Live your live


“People gonna talk whether you doing bad or good.”
Rihanna - Cheers (Drink to That).

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Si tupatane lunch leo pale jasho café?

Currently I am in Jahra…

Haimaanishi hatuwezi kula lunch virtually hata ukiwa huko jara


How do you get an urban vibe if you are not an urbanite ?