Money Cannot Cure Stupidity

Dr Ahmed Faraj of St Luke’s said Too had sought treatment at the hospital on Christmas Day complaining of stomach pains, but he declined to be admitted for a night at the facility.

He had been in a jovial mood and had arrived in Eldoret from Nairobi and Nakuru.


Any clinician worth his title will tell you this was a missed opportunity for somebody with suspected ‘heart attack’

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He opted to go home . Five days latter he was found collapsed in the bathroom.

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Being the first to comment on your own thread is like…

I get regular heartburn but I don’t visit any health facility for I know they will fade away after sometime. Does this render me stupid


No. Neanderthal



You’re playing Russian roulette with your life.


Be very cautious… Heart burns arent normal… There has to be a reason behind them…


Very stupid if the cause of that regular ‘heart burn’ not established.

This matafacta was an obese middle aged male with most likely unhealthy lifestyle.

The ’ stomach pain’ should have triggered alarm bells.

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I get heart burns when I eat green grams

Even if stomach pains might be a sign of a heart attack, but its usually not the common symptom… So calling him stupid is in itself stupid. Its not everyday that you rush to the doc every time you feel any type of discomfort… utaishi uko…


me when i eat cold potatoes. actually these days i avoid sweet 'tatoes unless they’ve just been boiled…

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No, your’s different. You just too old.

If you feel discomfort, you at least call your doctor

But how many times have you felt some discomfort but choose to ignore? I don’t know about you but i do it a lot; unless the discomfort persist. Then again i might be stupid too


That points to a problem with either the esophagus, stomach or liver… Are u a heavy alcohol drinker? let us start there… or r u obese?

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Don’t always rush to Dr. Google for diagnosis. Most of the sites will tell you have terminal lung cancer when you Google “persistent cough” or they tell you that you have a brain tumour if have a slight headache now and then…my point is that symptoms for both serious diseases and mild illnesses can be very similar. In most cases these health websites will almost always give you exergerated diagnosis. Google is no substitute for a Doctor.


Once you reach age of 40 and above- nothing should be taken for granted.


Men are scared of seeking or following medical advice. Unlike women.