money and age

every girl wants a handsome young man, and the pain of being with someone over 30 years can only be offset with money.

A handsome young man with 30k is equivalent to a middle aged man with a v8.

No girl will be with an old man over 30 years if not for his money.

Ati 30 years is an old man?:D:D:D:D:D Yaani hii mambo ya ukuta inawaumanga hivyo?
Men will never be loved just by being themselves. 18 or 60.

You are a naïve bastard and a pauper.
Am 33 plus, and overwhelmed by the number of damsels who are yawning for my rod.

:D:D:D:D:D:DAti 30 ni old man. Enhewe uchungu ya wall huwaumiza. Otherwise habari ya asubuhi mama mzee?

Age comes for everyone…kubali yaishe mwanadada…pole sana…people are dynamic they want different things…you can’t just speak for everygirl

@Waiguress join bandwagon ya malaya mse @TrumanCapote mtafute wazungu mtombwe matako zenu mzee… apa ktalk wanaume wanasemanga ni watu wa young soft meat ikienda sana 22years:cool:

There is some truth in what you just typed but I don’t think it is that black and white.

Men don’t lose their looks instantly and those that do compensate with money gradually.

So, yes. An average 30 year old man will need to be better off financially than his 23 year old self to pull a 21 year old, but it doesn’t mean he has to be wealthy. Even a regular 1-bedroom apartment in a safe area and maybe a kadudu will do. Assuming hajajiachilia mwili he will still pull young hot women to some degree of success.

The truth is, as a man gets older, he continuously needs more money to pull the same type of woman. Luckily, most men aren’t rich so its not like he needs that much money.

When I was in Uni I saw 45+ year old men pulling chics like crazy with a fuakin premio. So, yeah. Men may need some cash as they grow older, but its not that much.

Replace V8 engine with a premio/allion etc, and 30 with 40, and I will agree with you.

My point being Kenya is a poor country you don’t need to have a landcruiser as a middle aged man to pull women in their prime.

Young women do place a burden of performance on older men, but a landcruiser or other v8 engine cars are a massive exaggeration.

You should write a book, very wise.

Pain tena?

a man can get any woman he wants at any age provided he has money… For women. it is different…Not even money can save them

Mena age like wine, women like milk. past 26, a man is always more desirable than a woman of his age. 35 to 50 is prime time for me.

Anyone anaweza kula pucci. Unaweza kua na V8 lakini shamba boy Anakula pipi

Ukifikisha 30, wewe ni Mzae.
Hata piolisi na makanga start to refer you as such.

I think you overvalue pousie. Like a 18-21 year old is some kind of a diamond or gold nugget. The main reason you don’t see over 40 year old men with such young women is that they don’t spend enough time in common places together. Those young chicks are probably in school or clubbing when older dudes have different interests so probably like to chill at home or hit the local and head home. But put them together socially will end up in many more couples. It’s not just about money.

So no, you can get any woman even as you age. True there are those that are money first, but those are those. A woman’s natural instinct is not money but security. Security is a lot about how the future is looking for a guy, not necessarily about what he has now. Decent spoken, clean, ambitious…there’s no woman you can’t bag even at 55.

At 40 there is no future to look forward to.

Hii ni thread ya kupea watu stress.

yes, for a woman. remember mzee kenyatta was 65 when hi hitched mama ngina aged 17, and they bore a future president

It was an arranged marriage, she had no say, and being a daughter of a wealthy family, she was not after money. Her dad was a senior chief, and senior chiefs were so powerful that their great grandchildren are still ruling kenya 80 years later.

At 40 is when he settles to enjoy the fruits of the work/foundation he laid. This is the time most men get a second wife, because now he truly knows what he wants and can attract that woman in his life. As a woman know your role in a family set up and make decision based on that. We can’t change how we were created, pushing the age factor to make men feel insecure is stupid for it doesn’t matter much. A man desirability depends on what he has and his chances of a success future, in short his status as a provider. Again note that men don’t care about the social or financial status of a woman he wants to keep but a lady does. Women need to understand that, chasing money and career like men it won’t make a woman more attractive but it will to a man.