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Ni meeting tu bana. Am sure even your own family meets sometimes.

Kama angemeet na DPP or Raira basi there would be room for speculation.

Yeah but how many families get laws written in favour of their businesses?

True, but we have no idea what was discussed. The kenyatta family meeting should not be seen as a sinister move as practically every family meets to discuss one thing or another

To discuss the future of the country

With the amount of state capture that those parasites are engaged in, there is always cause for worry

True. But this goes accross the board. We should also worry when Ruto meets his family as well. Could be another Amaco in the making

The thing is, Amaco aren’t rewriting the Insurance Act to make themselves the sole company in the industry or forcing Kenyans to use them.

Brookside, NCBA and Koto Housing on the other hand are forcing laws to make themselves the sole players in the industry.

For one, Amaco was simply a way to collect money while never paying claims. Large govt parastatals etc were also intimidated to “insure” with it. Do you think a man who operates like this wouldnt be inclined to change the law to suit his needs?

Secondly, how is the law being changed to suit Brookside, NCBA and Koto? I still see other brands operating alongside these. Also, atleast when you buy brookside (if you want to) you get the milk whereas when you buy insurance from Amaco you simply get an expensive piece of paper…

Sikatai that there’s a possibility of this happening. But it actually hasn’t. Same case doesn’t apply to the parasite dynasty

Brookside- Dairy Regulations, Livestock Bill
NCBA- Huduma Namba
Koto- Housing Act.

At the end of the day, its not about parasitic dynasties vs hustlers, but parasitic politicians. Corruption happens the world over and there are very few politicians who arent corrupt at all. In Africa, one that comes to mind is Nyerere.

In places like Britain, people like Margaret Thatcher used to support her son who was known for corrupt dealings.

In Russia, Msito Putin is claimed to be the richest man on earth. Forget about kina Jeff Bozo.

In France, people like Jacque Chirac were corrupt.

In the Middle East, we have fabulously wealthy Oil Sheikhs.

Even in countries like Japan where it is said you can leave your iphone in a restaurant and be sure to get it the next day. There we had this corrupt dude:

The Bushes have also used their position of power to further their business interests.

So the idea that Ruto hasnt changed the law to further his corrupt dealings so is better than the kenyattas doesnt hold water. We all know Rutos track record and the 5 mill he gives every week to churches and the meetings he holds practically every week hosting delegations from allover the country where handouts are given. Infact, this guy operates exactly like his political mentor, Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi.