I once dated a girl from twirra!! Big mistake! Hawa ni wale huwa na avatar ya sura tu, so you’ll never get to see the whole “package” …

When we finally met after a century of chats… my fren, sema bonge la mama!!

At 120 Kgs, it’s only fair to say… nilishindwa! What’s with yours truly being only 72 Kgs!! :p:p

Another thing with over weight mamas is that hygiene is a challenge. Hiyo coomer ilikua inanuka! :eek::eek:

However, she was well educated and made good money, Lakini la hasha!

When I left, her family attacked me properly!! I was buffled. I learnt later kumbe ilikua imekua ngumu kupata mzee wa kuoa yeye and folks were getting desperate.

Hata a certain bigwig on twirra, whose scandal was all over recently was also dicking her… good thing I bailed!!


Anyway, habari syenu?

& and you still kamuad her!

You were also desperate !


Thought ulisema uko married? Malaya nyamasa!

@OddGuy Busted ! the internet never ever forgets

Ilikua zamani kabla… and I am an unapologetic polygamist… so it’s not about “if” but “when”

Wewe ndio malaya ya village… nyamasa!

@OddGuy, why did you not exchange the full mbishas before meeting up? Wacha kumushambia because she ain’t here. Some day this forum will get a batallion of real pink handles to counter some of the things we read here. How did you get to the place you claim was stinking?
Otherwise habari zetu ni guud. Replying for self and @kush yule mnono.

Mama wewe… funga lesso

Nataka nikukamue.

Coomer ikinuka you just put on a gas mask and fire the base!! Kwani iko nini?

Ok! Come na 3k!

Totally uncalled for. Mbona utombe mtu then uje kumsengenya mbele ya umati.Huu ni ungwana kweli.Kama vile haukutuambia ukimtoa surual usituambie vile alinuka coomer. Anyhu rete handle yake ya Twirra.


Nyamasa serre . … sijasema jina hapa, so no breach of identity…

Twirra handle? sure -----》@Nyanyakofala254


Some day this forum will get a batallion of real pink handles to counter some of the things we read here.
i highly doubt this statement .any self respecting lady thinks these is a disgusting place(no pun intended),

Break it down for me Sir. I lost you. So the ladies that post hia do not respect themselves? is that what you are saying? Time to vape for me.

[SIZE=5]Any female above 100 kg should be classified as bovine ![/SIZE]

you mean you enjoy osharing mecho and all the hekayas where women are turned into sexual objects to be used as seen fit.