Momo Diaries 2019 ( very soft)

Wakubwa, as the Champions League approaches, where Tottenham will beat Liverpool like a burukenge, where else can I have my big soft meats?
Recommendations and effidence [ATTACH=full]240030[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]240031[/ATTACH]

Digi hizi pink nyama zitakuletea shida ile siku utakutana na ile gonjwa. High heat is the one thing that kills most germs.

Ivisha nyama wacha tamaa.

You are missing out chief. This is the best cut you will ever have, just try it with dried tomatoes in vinegar


These meats are well cooked, high protein content.

Tumbukiza nyama boss

Best cut - yes and good. Undercooked yes too and very bad.

Go cook your fold properly dogi. You can’t be eating animals that are still alive.

Too rare !

Wooooooi noooooo nooooo. This not how it is supposed to look. Pass.

Digi…pick one from the ones I have googled. Will prepare it for you. I prefer medium rare. Will prepare it for you when you visit the UK next year.

Hehehehe, I appreciate.

Hii hapana,AMG members tunakula Kobe beef na rice .

Ka-buda where have you been?telepathy at work. I have just reported your absence to the missing people’s helpline and I mean it. Last heard from you 50 years ago when you were delivering stuff to Birmingham. Noogle wewe.:DNimefurahi sana sana kuona uko hai and that kina Becky and Belinda with their massive tits and bahainds from Birmingham hawakukumeza.

ummm… so @Karoga is @Ka-Buda ?

Noooo way…and if it turned to be, I would not speak to him. Kabudah is just what he is, black and white. Please can you scroll up and see I responded on the thread that elusive KB gave a like to my food selection on the Digi thread?

aaah spotted. as you were :slight_smile:

labia or firimbi?

Mbona unaji-quote na kujiita member mwingine? Au ni kuchanganyikio na ma-handle?