Mommy Issues

Mommy Issues are way worse than daddy issues. Everyone expects their mom to love them unconditionally. I know a guy whose mum left them to be raised by her mom and later she got married to a guy and moved abroad. She provides everything but won’t even tell them when she is back in the country. They are male and have some bitterness I have never seen. You can see that they still want her recognition. Not just her money, she blames their dad for abandoning her when she was pg and in school. Apparently they look exactly like their dad and they are identical twins. I guess the pain of raising men who look exactly like a man who abandoned her during pregnancy in school was too much for her to deal with. So she just offloaded them to her mom. She has given them everything material but she wants nothing to do with them. Btw they are in contact with her kids from her marriage to the foreigner. It’s so heartbreaking to hear how much love they have for their mom but she avoids them. The weird thing is that they are not even interested in finding their dad.

hey @TrumanCapote missed you .How have you been?

Pretty good but this cold is really terrorising me. Rongai vile upepo ni kali munasurvive aje? Si unibuyie soup ya kichwa ya mbuzi?

Nothing can replace a mother’s love. If your mum despises you, you will be a broken person, one way or another.
This story is particularly important for the likes of @Tauren who are busy sowing wild oats out there.

hii ni codeword ya kuomba mboro?

we are keeping warm with supu ya mbuzi of course…Njoo Rongai this Sarto

How can cold terrorize you when am around? Just DM me and you’ll never feel cold again:D

Mind your own mboro naniii.

Don’t ever mention me again you homosexual. I don’t have kids out there. My mummy loves me so I don’t have any psychological issues.


Not ok to let your bastards roam the streets wakiwa machokosh bila mpango.