Moment of reckoning

In 15 hours (at the time of writing this post) The country will go to the polls, and all the energy that has been exhibited in this forum wont boil a cup of tea. After 12 Hours, We all will be waiting with bated breath but soon realise that it is an anti-climax. In 6 hours, One half will wish the world will break open and swallow them, the other half, hmmm! be elated for one hour then what!!!
Whether people will fight after the next 6 hours, its neither here nor there. If there is war! so be it! if there isn’t, there is always 5 years to sharpen your daggers you ignorant peasants. One week, and then you realise rent has got to be paid.
Kwisha, Nimeruka nje!!

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Kaa huko nje

the best thing about the next 15 coming hours is that my trouble’s will come to an end and hopefully business will resume normally…like a norm


Post Nut Clarity will become Post Vote Clarity?