Mombasa to the dogs!
[SIZE=7]Joho resurfaces at Ali Kiba’s wedding after leaving Mombasa ‘in limbo’[/SIZE]
Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho resurfaced at the wedding of musician Ali Kiba, weeks after residents complained he had left them…

OK, let’s get this clear.
He jetted in like a foreign dignitary purposely to attend Ali Kiba’s wedding?
Joho is more than a joker.


The opportunities in Mombasa rubbish dumps:

  1. Livestock farming,
  2. Biogas generation,
  3. Waste recycling,
  4. Job creation,
  5. Tourist attraction, (Very panoramic from the air),

News zingine unasoma unashindwa ulie ama ucheke.

Wakule ujeuri wao. Voting in an Ali Kiba wannabe

Why are people surprised. His campaign manifesto was simple. Insult President Uhuru at any chance. His supporters glorified that more than anything. Now they wonder why they continue to be ignored, no service, no development and he is not even trying. I think also the socialite was taken aback by the handshake once it become clear that Winnie Odinga is the successor in odm not him or oparanya.

Sultan mwitu ni @bure kabisa

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D mwiba wa kujidunga.

Alafu huyu ndo mnasema ni president elect 2022…ICHIIENII.

The difference between our clown- Sonko and that Mombasa clown - Joho is that our clown is not gallivanting around the world using county funds.

Mimi naona ako tu sawa

Where are all those mombasa ODM goons who could not us sleep in peace bcz of joho?

Watombwe wote

Jubilants mnawashwa na mombasa kwa nini???

Juu huko 001 ndio muthamaki was badly insulted and embarrassed. Hata dim eyes have never harassed UK like how joho did. Thats why hes lost now

Akienda foreign country ataongea lugha gani na sheng ni ya Nairobi only

:D:D akaongea ile kizungu ya my fav governor, Waititu

Swahili clowns.Kuongea tuu.

I watch his instagram stories a lot . The man just loves singing and dressing in very nice attire and expensive watches , the minute you see him in public , he dresses like a pauper .

Mt Joho, If only he took care of MSA like he did his beard , ingekuwa Dubai !

How can you expect a socialite to work? How naive are you people?