Mombasa To Lagos By Sea = 5696 Nautical Miles. Lagos To Fortaleza Brazil = 3119NM. Its Economically Viable For West Africans To Trade With S. America

Sometimes geography determines cost of doing business.

It is the for the same reason that majority of the slaves to the America’s were sourced from West Africa and those to the East yaani Saudi Arabia were from Kenya, Mozambique, TZ.



If we do that, the west will bring “freedom and democracy”.

The reason we need sgr ifike at least Kinshasa ,a dual carriage road would be a cheaper alternative

China man ako rada na hio project

If Kenya ,Uganda, South Sudan and Congo can build that road,ishikanr na ya Cameroon and Nigeria that would be a game changer as far as intra African trade and development is concerned.

that will only make Kinshasa closer to China, because we have nothing to sell to Kinshasa. China and Congo will be profiting off our sweat. Na io ndio plan ya China. SGR ni project ya china lakini tumeifinance sisi

mmeifinance na loans za China, so hao ndio wamejifinance.

China walipeana materials na labour, mtalipa US dollars. Haitakuwa raisi kwenu.

Depends on how we leverage our skilled human resource,that is something we can " broker" between congo and china and make some money .

Lol, hakuna kitu. Mmeingishwa baridi mingi na meffi media… shida yetu ni uwizi, sio kushindwa kulipa.