I want to report a theft case / syndicate of spare parts which has been ongoing in ganjoni … On monday very early morning after Morning prayers 5.30… A Noah with 2 passengers a woman and a man stopped just outside our appartment where I had parked my Double Cabin Hilux Vigo lucky enough there is a woman who sells food and is always awake by 5 noticed this strange scenario as this two moved around my car peeping through the windows and to the extent of going under the car… I gues trying to steal the spare tire but luckily they were unable to… the woman who sells food asked the 2 what they were doing and when confronted jumped into the Noah and fled off… am told they passed by again the same road thinking that they will find no one and steal but were supprised to see the woman who sells food still there and decided to speed off. The next morning on checking my car I noticed 2 wheel caps which were on the wall side had been stolen. As usual any car part stollen in Mombasa will be found at Express workshops so I rushed there same morning and after a search I was directed to a shop known as Kamwana… whereby this Kamwana guy had a big sack and searched but he didnt find my wheel caps… Kamwana took me futher inside other shops whereby all stollen parts from mombasa car find there way to. Trust me Neel that place is extremely full of chrome parts and every bit of parts that can be easily removed from your car (I dont understand how this business goes on as if we dont have police) I dint find what I came luking for and Kamwana told me to come in the evening but I dint. Today evening I decided to check on 1 of my frends mechanic and he told me to go with him back to express. On reaching express we were welcomed with so many brokers… so the mechanic decided to give this 2 brokers one of the remaining wheel caps so that they can find ours. They brought us the 1st set but they were not fitting exacts so I told them to search again. After 3 minutes I was brought my exact wheel caps. My wheelcaps had marking on the inside and what was brought had same marking. My exacts wheelcaps. I threw a tantrum as soon as they handed them over to me. I told them I wont pay them until I know where they got them from. They refused totally and having seen they were mine they were now afraid. I threatend them severally untill they gave in and decided they will take the mechanic only to the shop… stupid enough the shop woz just some shops ahead and I followed them. Once I reached the shop they noticed me and owner of the shop had started becoming aggressive… I decided to take pictures of the shop as I knew that would intimidate them and it did and they began to panick the owner came and begged me to delete the pictures and that I dint need to pay for the wheelcaps… which I was never going to pay… please post this on anonymity… Everyone around ganjoni should b vigilant of this team moving with this Noah stealing from cars at night. Unluckily number plates for the car was not recorded.

Any spare part stolen people should go to express and ask for Kamwana… he colludes with this thugs. As well as attached pictures of the shop wherre I got my wheel caps. This syndicate should be dealt with as soon as possible.

This TIMESH shop where I found my wheelcaps am told also has another shop in kingorani whereby they stock stollen parts. Its a booming business for Kamwana and TIMESH.

This team with a NOAH are likely even to be car thieves let alone parts as they moved all around my car searching for alarms and anything that is removable. Luckily I had riveted nearly all parts apart from the wheelcaps.

On taking pictures of the shop all the attendants ladies ran away… I gues because its a business they have been doing all along. A bearded guy is the one who came to appologies but he was unapollogetic until he saw me taking pictures and serious. This guys should be arrested.

That is the guy although not clear picture but he is alwyz around this shop. 1 of the crooks with most of the stolen loot of mombasa cars.
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Chop shops

mechanics kama wote ni wezi

Those stolen wheel cap, wameziosha kweli :Dmake sure you clean the rest kama hizo

Want to ask something. a friend travelled to a new town huko kwa mashiny eyes, car got some issues. Took the car to mechanic . Mech told him the exhauster also needed to be unblocked. they removed the whole exhuaster pipe, went cut a rectangle hole using a welding machine and removed some kind of sponge, which i think is the muffle or something of the sort. they then welded it back. Mech told him the sponge was causing the car to underpower and reason why it needed to be removed. When he came back to Nrb, he updated his regular mech and he told him those mechanics conned him. Apparently those sponge like stuff are in high demand by some people who buy for upto 15k per kg and thus use unscrupulous mechanics to get them from new and unsuspecting clients. They are also not supposed to be reomoved from car coz the first thing they do is to affect the sound of the car and other things. What those people do with those muffles, he doesnt know, but speculated that it is something illegal since they are on the radar of cops and some have been arrested for possessing it. the mech further said it is very rampant in nairobi, espacailly for those people who leave their cars in the garages and then come for them later and you may not even notice it has been done to your car



Toyota Chop shops:D:D

Sponge iriwekwo na manufacturer and a guy who has never built a car tells you to remove it na unaweza ndio baba. Kudos to the shiny eye, wajinga waonyeshwe kuishi town.


That is a particulate filter to reduce particle pollution. if it blocks is brings some issues. i dont know if its advisable to just remove it or should just replace it. its designed to last the life of the car I guess. hiyo mabo ya kutoa ata mimi niriabiwo nikakataa.

catalytic converter maybe? thing is gay and restrictive! for a subaru, it’s one of the first things mtu anatoa.

Stupid subaru owners!

lazima zitoke. lazima. TBE!

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…it has a precious metal…platinum. Hata mimi nilitoa na nikapatia mech…the sound is amplified a little and there is a slight increase of power. The sponge itself i guess due to the long time filtering of the exhaust gases, causes a burning sensation and irritation on touching the skin. hiyo unakaa nayo kwa nyumba ya nini…tena in kenya emmision tests are inexistent. Most cars zinatolewa bado zikiwa mombasa

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So you guys want to say nyinyi ni wajanja kuliko mwenye alijenga hio gari?

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mwenye alijenga hiyo gari:

  1. ilikuwa inatumika mahali gari zinaenda emmission tests…huku hakuna
  2. It gets blocked with time…hizi gari zetu zina mileage kuruka. its normally replaced,bei over 40k. but as 1 above, tunatoa tu
  3. when it gets blocked, it causes so much back pressure on the engine ukipanda mlima mguu inakuwanga kwa tank
  4. There is increased power and picking
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So pollution is okey with you?..ama nyinyi ndio mko na 1300cc vehicles mnataka kushindana na V8 kwa barabara? If you want more power why dont you just buy a bigger vehicle…

the ngavana must resign!!

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he he he…@Saint Black Templar…pollution is not ok…BUT…there are more polluting vehicles bado ziko kwa barabara…a diesel mat or those lorries that cover us with very black smoke…so niendeshe gari mguu ikiwa kwa tank, mafuta over half of the price per litre goes to the govt…aiii,…stop playing a saint here. About bigger vehicle, did i say i know Kabura personally anipatie loan ya kununua, kufuel na kumaintain V8?

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What kind of car is it? Make and model? Has your friend noticed any unusual behavior of his car e.g some ‘strange’ warning lights going on on the dashboard?

Kabla ufike kwa kutoa, you should first try to regenerate. If it fails then you opt for the radical solution of removal. However, for some vehicles especially diesel, an emilator has to be fixed and the associated OBD-II error fixed.