Mombasa Republic and the Right to Self Determination under International Law

Self-determination is a core principle of international law, arising from customary international law but also recognized as a general principle of law, and enshrined in a number of international treaties. For instance, self-determination is protected in the United Nations Charter and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights as a right of “all peoples” Therefore, The People of the Mombasa Republican Council want self-determination and they have the right to self-determination and to choose whatever they want.

The Kenyan coast is mostly populated by Muslims and it is one of Kenya’s wealthiest and most productive regions, But sadly, they are in the process of being completely replaced by Nilotic and non-coastal Bantu, If nothing is done to stop this process, the end result will be the extinction of the native coastal muslim people.

Mombasa Republic is big enough to be an independent country, Freedom to Mombasa Republic.

Illiterate Nilotic and Bantu, you are not the intended audience, the thread is for the native coastal muslims people who are losing their land, culture and religion.

vitu zengine mnafikiria ni mchezo lakini very soon wasomali watawaonyesha reality.

A Zoomalia offering governance ideas to stable country. I suggest you take your ideas back to your country since I could use them.

Kindly explain which ethnic group exactly is “muslim”. While at it also explain how Islam is native to a coast in Kenya, AFRICA!

So why the fuck are you telling us? Go ahead with your “self-determination” rubbish and see if we care! Utapigwa kama umbwa, umbwa hii. Merry Xmas.

Pwani ni Kenya
Mpende msipende.

@rexxsimba will change tune here.

(When secession is discussed concerning his home turf he has an issue with that. But if Putin goes after folks who seceded from Russia anaanza kuwika landgrab.
@rexxsimba even the Maasai have a claim to Nairobi! They say it was grabbed from them.

If we listen to you then the world will be subdivided into millions of countries. There are Luhya tribes who desire freedom from other Luhya tribes.)

Last time mlianza kubweka ati pwani si Kenya mnajua what happened.

Hamchokangi kukufa na kupotea ghafla? Kenya is a Christian country na you guys are visitors.

Just exist without imposing your nonsenses on anyone na mtaishi poa sana.

Is it because this is an anonymous forum, or what exactly?
It doesn’t get dumber than this!

Illiterate Nilotic and Bantu, you are not the intended audience, the thread is for the native coastal muslims people who are losing their land, culture and religion.

Kenya is NOT a Christian state and the constitution is very clear on this.


Then post it on Mombasa Talk. Unatuletea hapa Kenya Talk unadhani tutakupigia makofi?

But when the same investors and their hotels and businesses leave you complain. You can’t have your cake and eat it. You want the money from bara but not the people of bara.

Your father sells arsehole in mogadishu for 3dhirams
Endelea kuota. We as the protectors of our borders tutatomba adi mamako if you give us the slightest hint

This one can sell his mother to arror for a price. Bitter Kalejinga

Instead of barking here like a mad dog, go implement that shit and see what happens to arseholes like you.

Unajua Lamu inaundwa pia juu Mombasa anajaa.Jeshi ako hapo Lamu tayari.
250 billion SEZ ataundwa hapo Lamu in the next 10 years mambo nabadilika

Ongeza grandmother. He pretends to know more than everyone but he can’t post it, just giving half-arsed statements here.

Btw, this is a misconception believed by many. Even in Mombasa, Christians are the majority(2019 census statistics). The main ethnic group in coast in Mijikenda…and of their nine sub tribes, only Digo’s are religiously Muslim, the remaining 8 are mostly x-trians. Add Taitas and others… Muslims out number others in 3 counties of Tana River, Kwale and Lamu by a small margin because the population is low. All statistics on Census