Mombasa Rd, Mlolongo

Please be informed that a group styling itself as the Wiper Youth Link plans to hold a demonstration at Mlolongo/Mombasa Rd today as per a notice of intention to hold the demo they served on the OCS Mlolongo yesterday. The demo is to protest “The Abuse of the Kamba Community” by some musicians. Stay safe.

Thanks for the heads up.

karibu…truckhoes and banans sellers especially should prepare for a bad business day…:D:D:D:D:D:D

:D:D:D:p:p:p:por a good one, depends on the angle you look at it and the strategy to use.
As I said last week, isafriday… Pesa za chang’aa na maku lazima zi come through.

Why mlolongo, why wiper? Is water melon becoming sweet melon au ni MCA amepanga?
Let’s wait and see

Credible sources say they are not Jubilee affiliated so the police have been instructed to use all necessary means to ensure normal business

Let me change my plans about kitengela for today, last sunday I wasted almost 2hrs around that area I don’t want a repeat of that

Wakifnga barabara wataudwa !

That road from Athi River to Email has just been nightmares for the last one month. As a result SGR freight is increasing by the day. Corporate logistics companies are the first to shift.

acha washike ule ugonjwa wa kisumo and they will kill all those towns from mlolongo itself to mariakani.

It will not kill the relative big towns like mlolongo but the small centres along the route will suffer from reduced traffic gradually in the next decade.

I juz love the Maku part,nikipita mlolongo nadai hiyo maku:cool:

This will be a tragedy for mlolongo. Most businesses and livelihoods rely on the transport industry.
There should be a balance between SGR freight and the truck industry.
Hii demo ya leo is purely political. It’s sad how young people are used by politicians who bring in very little or nothing to their plates.

Yangu iko on lease to one individual…till death. :smiley:

Hiyo ndio picketing

I can see tree holder perspective taking prevalence even with pink handles.

Uongo…wamekuja kuchota maji.


Wazi Muthee. Lakini wewe ni fala bado. Jigger boo.

Actually they may not, if the port in Mombasa continues to grow as it has in the last decade, by 2030 it will be handling btw 3-4 times current traffic, those towns are going nowhere hata na reli