Mombasa, Is this a broken news or what?

I heard this rumour. That due to the incessant traffic jam, Changamwe, Mikindani, Jomvu, Miritini, Mazeras and Mariakani residents are to be given the privilege of getting to town by a Commuter train!

I think that is too good to be true, don’t you think?
Please, @Meria Mata, won’t you confirm?

in their dreams my fren, hio commuter train saa hii iko kwa blueprint peke yake, we have to wait several yrs for the dream to come true.
@spear ataleta map baadaye

CBRC have already mapped out commuter train blueprint for Nairobi and Mombasa. Feasibility study is being funded by world bank from June 2017. After completion the results can be incorporated to the blueprint and designed. Bidders can now be invited to build and operate it. Its a good start.

The immediate need for that area will be addressed by Dongo Kungu phase 2, which is about to commence and I hope President Uhuru will have something to do about it next week. Its funding Kshs 25 billion has been secured and remitted.

@Soprano theres your answer, to lay the inflastructure for the elavated commuter train in Mombasa will take about 4yrs bearing in mind there is a channel to close.
at least our kids will live in a better place.

you are piling debts!

Yes in growing the economy, stimulating more economic activity, development and taxes that enables us pay off the tax while people enjoy the services.

:eek: But there is an existing line already! Can’t they use it like they use the one from Thika? In fact that’s what I thought was going to happen!

To close or to cross?
Umenipoteza hapo brathe.

asante mwalim, kizungu sio chetu,

Umkhonte we Sizwe…

That century old gauge is outdated. It would mean getting old refurbished locomotives for it. Let’s think ahead of time. Let’s scrap the hit or miss BRT which at same value is a risk. Lets gradually move matatu operators to introduce double deck buses through their sacco’s. Instead of light train let’s do modern tramlines on the ground where possible or elevated where not.

Leo hii kiabagusii umebandika hapa jo

:D:D:D:D:D… Hiyo sio Kigusii chairman wa nduthi…

Hata hapa Nairobi tuliambiwa commuter train, light rail, tram, BRT… blah blah blah… hadi leo twazingoja!

Hii kitu ya Mandela… Spear of nation.

P.s nilikuwa Subreddit ya SouthAfrica nikaona hao ma Afrikaans wakisema Mandela alikuwa terrorist. Halafu kuna wazungu kadhaa ati wamejitolea ku-donate guns za kuanza apartheid tena…

Spear of the Nation…