Mombasa "International" Marathon

Defending champion and 2016 Honolulu Marathon winner, Cosmas Koech is headlining this year’s annual Mombasa International Marathon taking place now

Other notable names to headline the marathon include; Shelimita Muriuki the defending champion in the women’s 42KM race, Stephen Mwendwa and Celestine Jepchirchir; the defending champion in 10KM race.


Raia wengi hawana habari ya hii kitu due to poor planning, mashabik ni wachache sana, infact watu wanajua kuna marathon wakipata barabara zimefungwa

They are lucky Mombasa looks cloudy and cool otherwise running a marathon in its high humid temperature would be crazy.

I also didn’t know Mbsa was hosting a marathon,…poor publicity and event promotion.

there were light drizzles this morning but now jua ni ile ile tunajua.
next weekend theres a bike race at the same place Mama Ngina grounds
hii imefanyiwa marketing vilivyo

Ndio nimeweka International in Quotes

hehe how international is this?

Samaki za TZ pia ziliparticipate

Hippo category ni gani?

momo na kina @kush yule mnono

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95kg plus. Let me sign up.

nooooo, its a polite name for fat people

you are velcome, do you have a bike

Yeah. A simple Silverback.

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you are welcome

@kush yule mnono come hia hun.

Shocked eti kuna Marathon . I knew of the 10Km one in Diani . Thursday pia kuna 10Km pale Butterfly Paviliion .

And you just liked that comment … Mwathani Jeso

niaje hippo.

Usifanye @uwesmake akam hapa mbio

MM ameamua kuharibu nyumba yangu sana. He knew what he was doing by tagging you and by extension me. Anything to do with you inaniguza mahali nipende nisipende. Ebu mtoanishe saa hii…:smiley:

We have a history.