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[SIZE=4]Mombasa gets new CID boss four days after similar changes[/SIZE]
By CYRUS OMBATI | Thursday, Feb 11th 2016 at 10:23

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Mombasa, Kenya: Nicholas Kamwende has returned to Nairobi as the County Criminal Investigations Officer (CCIO) four days after he was moved to Coast.

His transfer to Coast was rescinded in changes announced by Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters Wednesday.

Coast’s Henry Ondiek was moved to Embu as the CCIO and replaced by Pius Macharia.

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pris fafanua

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And in other news, Import ilifika salama?


True story. Btw @Meria Mata naskia kuna mahali Msa kwachomeka. Wapi huko?

umeskia ni wapi? he he…

Mwangi King’ori played by the rules. By the time he left Mombasa he was one of the richest dick-holders in the country! Ask around and you’ll see his footprints all over the place!


Hmmmm!! ! ! ! ! ! Interesting.

Mombasa shimanzi Fire near brookside. Tanks adjacent to GAPCO on fire

Mbisha hizi hapa.




Sadness of life,
We can’t fight a high rise fire
We can’t fight a forest fire
We can’t fight a slum fire
How do you expect us to put out a fuel fire

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Due to the Shimanzi fire the Makupa Roundabout junction has been cordoned and trucks are not allowed to enter the Junction
This has led to a backlog of vehicles being held up at the roundabout and beyond, at all exits
Expect delays to your destination of using Makupa Roundabout

@Meria Mata dryspell basi ilikua inakumaliza, hope ulichukulia import cover ya flying doctors? The aftermath! Mwathani!



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Yaaani import uliikamua mpaka ikatoa moto


Kitur former Regional commander alienda tu hivi, Port OCPD pia ameenda this week na Urban DCIO etc, These are not the usual transfers. Its a result of stepping on someon’s toes

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He used to take lunch and siesta at whitesands hotel.