Mombasa Governor post

Hello guys do you think what other candidates in Msa are going through in terms of there adverts not being accepted by Magnet Ventures is fair?

Not fair at all!!

Rough game

Koma unasumbua… Kwani adverts ni zako?


Hii kiti tunapea Omar


Susultanate ni yetu. And stop trolling for bonga points for your ‘candidate’

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Who cares?

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Mombasa ni sultan hapana tambua takataka

Ukichengwa unakubali. Ungekua Hoho ungefanya? They are complaining like kids na njia ni nyingi za kupika omena!!! Kadri wanavyocomplain ndio Hoho anaonekana akiwa mwanaume!

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Hawana manyumba waweke banners like elsewhere.

Ona sasa! Who looks better now?

[SIZE=6]I’ll donate some of my billboard sites to my rivals, voters will decide polls - Joho[/SIZE]
Jul. 01, 2017, 12:00 am

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has said he will donate his billboard sites to rivals, who have accused him of using underhand tactics to edge them out.

He has booked 21 advertising sites through agents. Mombasa has 138 sites. Joho’s running mate William Kingi yesterday said billboards don’t vote.

“Voters’ decisions are not pegged on the number of billboards one has,” he said.

Kingi said Joho has the support of residents because of his track record and need not depend on visibility to be reelected.

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Joho is the worst thing that ever happened to Mombasa.