Mombasa businessman Crispus Waithaka arrested at JKIA over missing toxic sugar

The mastermind behind the theft of condemned brown sugar Crispus Waithaka was on Saturday night arrested at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) after he arrived in the country from Dubai
Waithaka, a holder of passport number BK 237924, arrived in the country at around 9:00 pm aboard Fly Emirates flight number EK721.
The suspect was intercepted by Immigration Department officers following a departure prohibition order issued against him.
He was found in possession of an interim order for an anticipatory bail of Sh100,000 granted by the High Court in Mombasa vide Criminal Miscellaneous Application No. E067/2023, dated May 19.
The detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) rearrested and escorted him to Kamukunji Police Station where he was placed in custody.

Was vying for Nyali MP in 2017… Now this is the calibre of guys whom you expect to stop JS from doing 24 years like is mentor!

Hii gitu nimewacha

Eti Crispus Waithaka! CRISPUS WAITHAKA??? No way! Hakuna jina Waithaka inaweza endanisha na jina Crispus. Hio lazima ni Jaluo!!!

Not Jaluo? Weka picha tuone!

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The name is just like many other nonsesical Baptismal names Bonobo Africans were given by the colonizers (to help the colonizers pronounce them)… Here is another Gikuyu Crispus [MEDIA=twitter]1024964442403098625[/MEDIA]

Crispus is used by Jaluo and Wakamba. That Crispus Mutito ni wakanesa!

Beste yangu
A man of may feathers, including a ruthless auctioneer!

Hii wallahi si kikuyu!

Mutitu is Kikuyu… But either way it is also very common to find some names in some Christian denominations… this one I think is common with Catholics… just like Crispin and Innocent … Jared is more common with SDAs… etc

Okuyu tamalisa sisi

Pesa za campaigns lazima zirudi

Very stupid to come back after you have a arrest warrant

Lock him up for 10 years and confisticate all his personal assets …

And feed him that same Sugar in Jail …:D:D

Who are the 2 Mt Kenya MPs who assisted him dispose the sugar?