Mom barred from burying son in US

@Purple you mean your parents can’t come to your funeral ukizikwa America? Slavery is real. You live in America 10 plus years but your old mother can’t be given visa to come bury you if your body is too decomposed to return to Kenya ? Na vile munajiskianga, kumbe in the eyes of the embassy your old mother can’t even be given a visa to come bury you?

America is a Shithole Country, I see guys rushing for Gold mines in the stato. The land of the rich flowing with honey and Milk. I pity the Mother I saw her on K24 her story was so touching, she literally wants to attend the burial nothing much. For me I have a slogan Kenya ni mama na ni Baba. America is not heaven. They also die

Is this his real mom? Or a step/foster parent?

They look alike. Compare faces, side by side.

I have always told you that The USA is piece of SH!t. Its only great if you are WH!TE. USA was founded on Savery and Genocide. Negroes in the US are the same category as horses

That is the bitter truth.

Here we go again…oh boy:D. Do you have all the details regarding this story? America is not a shithole country. You just need to know what you are doing there. Opportunities are immense not comparable to Kenya even for 1 tiny second.
Purlease!!! I kind’a concluded kitambo that hapa kuna watu walinyimwa visas and not once mazee…