Apparently USA keypee Tyga meets an alien who has lost her co pilot Molly ,the keypee gives Molly’s friend a lift to check if she is in a club:D.
USA niggas can entertain,he raps that he is looking for Molly in a club and just like @cortedivoire he suggest he can fuck that Molly (alien)for a 150 $

Formula: : C₁₁H₁₅NO₂
Street names: Ecstasy, E, Molly

Good to know ,am not a pharmacist,:Dbut can he fuck Molly assuming it’s a drug and not an alien

Since I heard the guy had interests in porn I found plenty of respect for him


I can’t believe there’s people who make Tyga relevant and still have the balls to talk down about other artists and call them “mumble rappers”. Tyga is among the most mediocre artists/performers and only relies on the fact that he’s friends with Chris Brown to be relevant. He just needs to find a hole and disappear into it and never be heard from again.

I fail to understand how he is relevant. Last proper hit he had was Swish and that was 2018

C’mon,Hookah is pretty nice

Hookah was his early days. I said after swish and taste

I love mediocrity just like all Kenyan voters coronatities

o_O it took wiz 1000 years to rhyme khalifa and reefer :eek: