Mojos closed

Mojos closed for good

never been to mojos…how many branches did they have? problem is they arent doing any business but landlords still want to be paid

All clubs in the CBD will be shut down by december. There are fools who are waiting for covid to ‘pass’…those fools will be very surprised

luckily cbd doesn’t have many clubs… maybe 3?

Wa nipatie hio space I give kilimanjaro a run for their money

Why would some of these clubs close yet they are core to the business of wash-wash? Ama pia hiyo sector pandemic imeingamiza?

Some Somali guys have already purchased the property

It’s hard small
Heri za mtaa zinamanage mchana

Mojos, Tribekka zilini nyima niingie way back in time 25 only ungedhani mi porn ina shootiwa uko ndani

Muslims are buying bars close to Jamia, they don’t want to meet drunkards along the way.

Mojos iko wapi?

Someone said ilikuwa ya deep state i.e mojos = Jomos= POK’s 1st son name…inaeza fungwa aje?

I knew pips are full of cowdung but yours sir takes the crown

Hiki kilabu mnaita mojos kiko wapi?

Enderea kumwaga ndani kwa madanguro wa SJ ghaseer